Horse Riding Leather Gloves from Decathlon

I have heard many good feedbacks from my riding buddies on Decathlon. Upon checking the website, first I noticed the price of their products are almost half of what I normally find outside. Second, I noticed a lot of Facebook users are giving positive feedback on the great customer service. I browsed their online store and saw a fairly good looking pair of horse riding leather gloves so I gave it a try.


I did not visit the shop in 8trium @ Bandar Sri Damansara because it is slightly far from where I stay. I purchased the gloves online by talking to Malini. I transferred the amount to their company bank account and sent her the transaction statement in Facebook.

Few days later I was notified the gloves was out of stock and they have to ship it from another country. It didn’t bother me too much as I still have my old reliable glove. But long story short, I got my gloves after a few weeks!


As the product page describe, it is 100% leather on the palm area.


At the back, it is  89% Polyester and 11% Elastane which allow the skin to breathe and stretch a little.


Obviously a good pair of horse riding glove will give you the extra padding between your ring finger and your little finger to hold the reign securely while riding.


Also, extra padding between thumb and index finger to hold the reign.


I tested it out on my yesterday ride in MAEPS. It was a really good pair of gloves!


Overall review

It is fairly comfortable to wear. I did not feel any heat for wearing for almost 2 hours as the material is pretty breathable. It gave me reasonably good grip on the reign as I never felt my reign slipping away. The elegant and futuristic design make you a really proud owner. For the price of RM89, it is definitely value for money!

Like a lot of customers have mentioned, Decathlon customer service is top notch. Malini has definitely gone the extra miles to help me to secure my gloves. Good job Malini!

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