Batu Arang

Batu Arang is located approximately 50KM away from KL city center. It was a coal mining town and its prime time was during 1930s. By the 1930s, the developing town had an airstrip, a railway line, Gurkha’s police base, police station and a brick factory. There were also houses for the miners, British officers and bungalows for the mine managers.

Today, Batu Arang is a famous spot for cyclist for off-road biking during the weekend. The roti bakar in front of Batu Arang Police Station is a must try.

That’s not all… The most exciting part is a new horse stable is open for operation in Batu Arang!

The stable is not made known to public yet. It was through the invitation of Abang Iskandar whom I met in ESAR Bukit Beruntung that I got to know about this trail. I have a ride with Abang Iskandar and his son, Opie few months back in ESAR. Abang Is highly recommended me to go to Batu Arang for a ride.

Long story short, I went to Batu Arang with Suki on last Sunday morning. There is no direct access to the stable yet. We met up with Abang Iskandar in front of Batu Arang Police Station at 8.00AM so that he could pick us up with his 4-wheel drive to bring us to his stable.

We have Roti Bakar for breakfast in the shop Batu Arang Police Station.

After breakfast, Abang Is diving his 4-wheel to bring us to his stable.

On our way in

The happy faces in the car. Smile 😀

Almost there!

The stable has an unfinished arena at the point of writing this. But I’m sure Abang Is will get it ready by the time I come back on next visit.

The arena no doubt is surrounded by breath-taking view!

The horses in the stable

The beautiful girls spotted around stable!

My horse for the day, Love is geared up ready for action

Group photo before heading out

batu arang horse riding

Let’s head out to our ride!

It was raining!

At the top of the hill.

After our ride, we went to the same place we have breakfast. We have satay kambing, satay ayam and mee goreng this time!

If you would like to visit Batu Arang for a ride, please contact Abang Iskandar at 011-21277822. Here is the place I would normally wait for Abang Iskandar for him to pick me up: