Sky Aurora Equine

Sky Aurora Equine

Sky Aurora is a new stable located in Putrajaya Wetlands Park.

The new riding facility is an extension to Kingsley International School in Subang.

Sky Aurora - main

Exiting the stable main gate. Hitting the road before entering the Wetlands trail with Aiman and the crew leading the way.

Entering the trail. If you have been to Wetlands trail, you will find some similarities in this trail.

Sky Aurora - trail

A lot of beautiful lakes in Wetlands.

Daniel on Rossie. Yumi on Fabby.

Sky Aurora - lake view

Slow cantering on Rossie. Very steady canter and responsive once she is warmed up. Wonderful ride with her.

Sky Aurora - daniel foo

Rossie and Fabbie are definitely good friends, we could ride them next to each other.

The trail is slightly over 11km and took us a little over 1 hour to ride.

Back to stable. Playing with a really sweet painted giraffe horse, Fella.

Sky Aurora - Fella

Event Hall in Sky Aurora

There is an event hall and accommodation next to Sky Aurora stable is available for rent that can fit approximately 1,000 pax.

Sky Aurora - event hall

The interior.

Also comes with a PA system for event activities.

Roof-top open area to be covered with grass carpet roll during event.

Sky Aurora - roof top

Area for hanging out. Pretty nice lighting during night time.

Cozy sofa for chilling with friends and family members.

Roof that is overseeing the stable and arena.

There are 4 rooms that come together with the event hall rental.

The master bedroom.

Sky Aurora - master bedroom

The living area.

The stairs connect back to the ground floor and the pantry area.

There are several pantry areas around the facility.

Exiting the event hall, the stable is right outside.

There are also a few ATVs in Sky Aurora Equine stable.

By renting the facility, the owner will take care of the catering of food.

More Information

Aiman has been really helpful in accommodating our trail ride. He is a skillful horseman himself and has a pleasant personality.

For information, please contact Aiman at +60 18-205 2409 or check out their IG.

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