Iskandar Polo Club

Iskandar Polo Club is conveniently located 10km away from Ipoh town.

The club offers variety of riding activities such as joyride, riding lesson, polo lesson, riding in the field and photo shooting.

The road leading to the stable.

Iskandar Polo Club - entrance

Long row of stable facing the polo field.

Iskandar Polo Club - stable 1

From another angle.

Iskandar Polo Club - stable 2

More stables at the back.

Several paddocks for horses to roam and graze.

Iskandar Polo Club - paddock

A round pen facing the polo field.

Iskandar Polo Club - round pen

Rest area next to the paddock for chilling out.

Covered arena for riders’ training. No worries even if it rains.

Iskandar Polo Club - arena

A mounting block outside of the covered arena.

Iskandar Polo Club - mounting block

There is a cafe facing the polo field with great view to enjoy a polo game.

Iskandar Polo Club - cafe

The view from the cafe overseeing the big polo field.

Iskandar Polo Club - field

Wonderful lake and mountain view at the right side of polo field.

Beautiful view under the tree facing the lake. The popular spot for photo shooting.

View from the horse back with Esther and Jack.

I was riding Barita, a gentle polo horse that is easy to handle.

Iskandar Polo Club - barita

The riders group photo before getting on the polo field.

A photo with the stable team after our rides.

More Information Iskandar Polo Club

The riding facility offers beautiful nature and view.

Please contact Jackie (+60 10-537 6628) to make a booking or check out the Facebook or IG.

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Papan Roses Horse Park

Papan Roses Horse Park is located 20km away from Ipoh, Perak.

The riding school has an unique combination of horses and flowers.

I was on my way travelling between Cameron Highlands and Ipoh, so dropping by for a quick visit.

The entrance of the riding facility.

Papan Roses Horse Park - entrance

There is a big covered arena for training. Covered arena is such a blessing for Malaysia weather.

Papan Roses Horse Park - arena

View from the inside of the arena.

Wooden horses next to the arena and sitting area for the audience.

Papan Roses Horse Park - wooden horse

A hot walker, allows horses to cool down after intensed exercise. A facility that is not often seen in other stables.

Papan Roses Horse Park - hot walker

Dhia, a very calm ex polo that is suitable for riding lessons. Responded very well to neck rein.

A photo with Pak Dollah after a short ride.

Papan Roses Horse Park - pak dollah

A spacious grazing area with flowers and mountain view for the horses. Very cooling for the eyes.

Row of stable for the horses facing the arena and grazing area direction.

A little hut for resting and riders can prepare before mounting.

Sufficient washing bay spaces for showering multiple horses at one go.

Clean toilets are available for riders’ convenience.

The facilities are relatively new and well-maintained.

I like the facilities that are properly set up with thoughtful designs. I’m sure a sizeable investment was made to set up such wonderful riding facilities.

More Information on Papan Roses Horse Park

Papan Roses Horse Park offers a wide variety of riding activities from joyride, riding lessons to trail ride.

Please check out their IG, or contact 019-8349775 (Yus) or 019-6554423 (Office) to make a booking.

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Meadows Stable

Meadows Stable is located in Cameron Highlands, approximately 200km from KL.

It is a horse breeding farm that homes approximately 60 horses.

Meadows Stable offers outride in the highlands area where riders can experience riding under the cooling weather.

Upon arrival, you will get a ticket.

Meadows Stable - ticket

The main stable that houses a lot of the horses that we are about to ride.

Meadows Stable - main

There are also other rows of stable which are available for keeping more horses.

The stables has indoor and outdoor section to ensure the horses have enough space to move around.

What a good life the horses have in Meadows Stable!

Meadows Stable - big boxes

I took the time to roam around the facilities while the horses were being tacked.

Big grazing area for horses to munch grasses.

Meadows Stable - grazing area

Getting closer with the horses relaxing in the field.

Very quickly, the horses were ready and we headed out for our trail ride.

While circling up, here is the view looking down from the trail.

Riding further into the trail.

Meadows Stable - trail

Tira was riding next to me keeping me companied.

Meadows Stable - Tira

And took some scenic photos.

Of course, not forgetting my riding buddies, Jack and Esther.

A few solo shots at the hill while taking a break.

After a short break at the peak, we head back to the stable.

Group photo with Les after our trail ride.

Les gave us a tour around the facilities.

He introduced the history of the horses that he has. Great hospitality, thanks Les!

More Information on Meadows Stable

I definitely enjoyed my time riding in the mildly cool weather in Cameron Highlands.

Les is a seasoned horseman who has years of experiences breeding and breaking in horses. I learned a few things from him on training horses too.

For more information, please check out the IG. If you want to visit, please make sure you contact Tira at +60 13-514 2298 prior to make a booking.

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Sabah Beach Riding

Glenora Stable in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah offers one of the most affordable beach riding in Malaysia.

As usual, the stable feels really peaceful. The arena is surrounded by lot of with greeneries.

Sabah Beach Riding - Glenora Stable

Susan helped tacking the horse, Ellie.

It’s so good to see Susan again that she is recovered and back to the stable.

Daniel (Glenora) led the trail with Challenger to head to the beach, Pantai Beringgis.

It’s a short walk from the stable to the beach for approximately 1.5km.

Sabah Beach Riding - Pantai Beringgis - Daniel

Slowly walking at the quiet beach in the morning.

Pantai Beringgis is surprisingly clean during my visit and I hope it will stay the same.

It feels really therapeutic to have a slow walk along the beach listening to the waves.

You can check out Beringgis Beach Resort if you want to stay near to the beach.

Sabah Beach Riding - Pantai Beringgis

That’s Daniel and Daniel (Glenora)’s shadow. The sun was getting brighter on our return.

Sabah Beach Riding - Pantai Beringgis

On our way back, we passed through a village area.

We could have done a bit of slow cantering but I always enjoy slow walking to connect with the horse.

Met Susan and Clare on our way back. They were taking the riding school students out for a bit of walk.

Glenora Stable signage before arriving at the stable.

Posing in front of the long row of stable with the iconic green roof.

Beautiful horses in the stable as always.

This is my second visit to Glenora Stable. I have always enjoy my time here with Susan, Claire and Daniel’s hospitality to make me feel like home.

More Information for Beach Riding in Sabah

Glenora Stables offers riding lessons and beach riding in Sabah. It’s approximately 28km (45 min drive) from Kota Kinabalu.


Please check out the FacebookInstagram or contact Claire at +60 19-870 0090 if you want to ride there.

Mz Stable

Mz Stable is located next to TIEP (Terengganu International Endurance Park) specialized in endurance riding.

At the entrance, you can see a truck with Mz Stable branding.

Mz Stable - truck

Further in, there is a long row of stable for the horses.

Mz Stable - row of stable

Saddle pads, saddle cloths, saddle are hanging outside for drying after a ride.

The team is cooling down the horses after returning from a training ride.

Mz Stable - cooling down

I got Giant, an ex-polo for me ride.

Mz Stable - Giant

Adjusting stirrups before mounting on Giant.

Mz Stable - Daniel Foo and Giant

Jack on Naqi.

Mz Stable - Jack & Naqi

Slowly trotting over to TIEP starting point.

Giant knows where are the places suitable for trotting and cantering. You can be assured that riding Giant you will be well taken care.

TIEP, Lembah Bidong

Passing through Stable 4.

Mz Stable - stable 4

The iconic vet check lanes in Terengganu International Endurance Park.

Mz Stable - TIEP, Lembah Bidong

Passing through the entry gate.

Cantering in the track with Giant.

Giant keeps a fairly steady canter even when there is big wide track. You will not need to worry being carried away.

Giant is such a easy horse to ride. You can let the rein loose freely while cantering.

Giant maintains a stable pace with very limited head movement which makes you ride super relaxing.

More cantering in the TIEP track with the team.

Coming back to Mz Stable after the ride.

There are some empty paddock for horses to come out.

A whiteboard for listing the schedule for various activities for all the horses.

Mz Stable - schedule

A float for travelling horses.

Mz Stable - float

Photo with Mizi and his son.

Mz Stable - Mizi & Daniel Foo

I had a dinner with Mizi and his family and the team after the ride.

I definitely enjoyed spending my time with them who are actively involved in the endurance games in recent years.

We exchanged fair bit of stories about what the updates are in the riding scenes. Definitely a good catch up!

More Information on Mz Stable

For more information, please contact Mizi at +60 13-928 6117.

Lembah Bidong, TIEP Endurance Ride

TIEP (Terengganu International Endurance Park) in Lembah Bidong is one of the best venues for endurance ride in Malaysia.

In year 2024, a total of 7 endurance competitions will be happening in Lembah Bidong. Namely in Jan, March, May, July, August, Oct, Dec. Download the Horse Riding Malaysia 2024 calendar to check out the further dates.

Kak Umi Stable, Lembah Bidong

Before the first endurance competition begins, I booked my horses with Kak Umi‘s stable. Took this opportunity to meet up with some friends ahead of the game.

Kak Umi got Nufa and Filly from Pak Bidi for us.

Filly is handsomely tacked before heading out.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Filly

Jack on Filly and Daniel on Nufa. Both are Arabian (horses).

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Jack & Daniel Foo

We used the back trail to head to TIEP starting pointing while trotting along the way.

Passing by Stable 4 to get into TIEP facilities.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Stable 4

Walking on the tar road slowly, heading over to the starting point.

Vet check area on the left. Tents for various riding clubs on the right.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Starting Point

Passing through the popular entry gate.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Entry Gate

Here we go.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Track

Say Hi to Kak Umi!

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Kak Umi

Slow cantering in the trail with Nufa.

The track in TIEP is wide and clear. For this reason, this is an international grade for endurance riding.

We came back for a water point break after approximately 10km of ride.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP

We went on another 6-7km before calling it a day as the day is getting warmer.

Beach Route, Lembah Bidong

Then, on the next day, we have another ride at the beach route.

Jack was warming up Nufa in a fenceless round pen.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Jack warm up Nufa

Jack on Nufa and Daniel on Aryyan.

Taking photo with 2 beautiful grey Arabians while getting ready for beach route.

Plenty of relaxing cantering with the boys along the beach.

We also stopped by a water point for the horses to catch a break.

The water point area is usually for long distance riding competition.

Enjoying the relaxing beach.

I like this track a lot as we can have mix of both trail and beach ride.

Posing with Aryyan, also known as the hero tamil by Kak Umi, because the ride is so stable that rider can do stunt on the horse back like a tamil movie hero.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Daniel Foo

Group photo before leaving the beach.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Jack, Daniel, Kak Umi, Black

There is a restaurant on our way back.

Next time, we are going to do a drive thru for kopi-peng!

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Restaurant

Sashenka, a beautiful Arabian is looking at his buddy returning home.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Sashenka

Aryyan gets a shower after the morning ride. Good job, boy!

Look at what Aryyan and Sashenka are discussing.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Shashenka and Aryyan

Row of stable in Kak Umi’s facilities.

Another 3 boxes next to the big round pen.

Lembah Bidong - TIEP: Kak Umi stable

A paddock for keeping the horse outside.

There is Ammy Homestay right next to Kak Umi’s stable for affordable accommodation.

Further down the road, there is Kak Umi’s house.

An extended container house.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I was competing in endurance competition.

Going for a leisure ride in TIEP, Lembah Bidong is definitely a good experience if you want to get a taste of how it’s like to do endurance riding.

More Information

If you want to get a ride in TIEP, Lembah Bidong, please contact Kak Umi at +60 12-221 0612.

Location for Kak Umi’s stable as below. Alternately, look for Ammy Homestay in Google Map.

Glenora Stables

Glenora Stables is located 28 KM away from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Glenora Stables is founded by Susan, who came to Sabah from the U.K. The stables were established 8 years ago to provide riding facilities in the Papar district.

Before arriving at the stables, you will see the following signage.

Glenora Stables - signage

Upon arriving, you will see the family’s residence on the right and the arena on the left.

Glenora Stables - house

A beautiful view of looking over the arena from the house.

Glenora Stables  - view from house

The row of stables on the left. The arena is in between the horses’ house and the human’s house.

Walking along the stables and you can see the pretty horses.

Say Hi to Gypsy and Valencia!

Glenora Stables - Gypsy & Valencia

Also Nimbus and Copper!

How can we miss out the cute little Hamish!

There are a few more horses at another row of stable.

The resting and social area for the staffs to chill out.

There is a smaller arena for HBA (horse back archery) activities behind the big arena.

Glenora Stables - horse back archery

A round pen for horses that need a little more discipline.

Glenora Stables - round pen

Claire, Susan’s daughter tacked Gypsy for our little friend to have joyride. Adjusting the stirrups.

Glenora Stables - joyride

Walking around the big arena for joyride.

Claire was kind enough to let me ride Gypsy in the arena. Such a lovely horse.

Before leaving, we also get to see the workers were preparing a few horses for the afternoon race.

Taking a shower before heading out.

Loading into the float.

The Sabah’s way of transporting horses.

Susan, who has been riding horses since she was 8 years old and have been in Sabah for the last 50 years.

Claire is an FEI Level 1 Coach.

Daniel (right) has a big smile on his face teaches archery and horseback archery in the riding school.

Glenora Stables - Daniel Foo, Susan, Claire, Daniel

For More Information on Glenora Stables

Glenora Stables is operated by Susan’s family and I definitely enjoyed spending my time with them.

Please check out the Facebook, Instagram or contact Claire at +60 19-870 0090 if you want to ride there.

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Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary is located in Desaru, Johor. The facility is in Tanjung Sedili owned by Dato Ashraf Bakar.

Murshidah and Zeal collaborated with the owner to jointly manage the stables that has 5 ex race horses that he re-homed.

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary stable

Empty spaces outside of the stable for grazing.

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary home

The concrete container for feeding is thoughtful and practical to keep the stables clean.

Hello neighbour!

The simple and well-equipped tack room for basic riding.

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary tack room

Tiger is allocated for me for the trail ride.

Tiger - Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

The trail lead, Fawad Ali used lead rope with a special tie to also serve as martingale to prevent Tiger’s head from pulling up too much.

Fawad led the trail with another horse, Beauty.

Steering Tiger with lead rope instead of normal rein.

There are plenty of straight and clear path along the trail.

The hill that we head to has a lot of greens to offer.

Posing with Tiger on the hill while Tiger getting a quick bite.

Daniel Foo - Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

We spent some time riding around the hill and enjoyed the wonderful scenery.

Tiger has a beautiful round neck when he is relaxing.

Turning back after we enjoyed a fair bit of cantering around the hill.

On our way back, we rode passed another farm.

Arriving back to the stable. Fawad untacked Beauty while the groomer, while Ishaq untacked Tiger for me.

Tiger was left outside for grazing after the trail ride.

Tiger has a special bonding with Murshidah. They are totally enjoying each other’s companion.

Murshidah - Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

A group photo of Tiger with Zeal & Murshidah’s family and Fawad.

Murshidah, Zeal, Daniel Foo - Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

More Information on Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary social impact is to rehome ex race horses and give them a 2nd chance in life. The horses can be used for basic riding lessons, joyrides, trail ride and therapy. 

For more information, please contact Zeal at +60 17-618 8445 or Murshidah at +60 19-607 3155 to book your ride, or visit their Instagram.

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TNT Arabian Stable

TNT Arabian Stable is located in Dengkil, approximately 40KM from KL city center.

The stable is known for endurance rides in the southern part of Selangor.

The Arabian horses were almost done tacking when we arrived in the morning.

The tacking space next to the horses.

TNT Arabian Stable - tack area

Well-established stables where the horses live.

TNT Arabian Stable - stables

Posing in front of TNT Arabian Stable signage.

TNT Arabian Stable - Daniel, Ily, Aina

From left, Daniel on Tokyo, Ily on Osaka, Aina on Elsa.

On our way out to our morning trail ride.

Say Hi to Ily!

TNT Arabian Stable - Ily

Before entering to the palm oil estate. A short break making sure everyone is doing good with our horses.

Green views along the trail. Definitely very cooling for the eyes.

The riding buddies while taking a water break inside the palm oil estate. The Arabian horses are performing so well.

Big and clear track for a lot of cantering if you like riding fast. The Arabian horses offer such a soft cantering.

Some cantering videos on the clear tracks.

Enjoying another wonderful cantering stretch with the team.

We also spent a lot of time walking on our way back to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

TNT Arabian Stable - walking back

On our way back, we passed by KAET, another stable in the area.

TNT Arabian Stable - KAET

Coming back home.

TNT Arabian Stable - back home

The trail takes approximately 2 hours (with breaks for about 15-20 min in between) covering 16KM.

TNT Arabian Stable - trail record 16km

Interesting, TNT Arabian Stable shares the similar trail track with a few other stables such as Kasavilla Stable.

So, don’t be surprised if you bumped into other riding groups especially during the weekend.

A clear trail for a fun ride with Arabian horses that I will come back for another ride for sure!

For More Information on TNT Arabian Stable

For more information, please contact Ady at +60 12-345 6204 or Zaki at +60 11-6261 1551. The location is below:

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Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park

Batangsi river is one of the most fun and relaxing trail rides in Malaysia offered by Saville Equestrian Park. Batangsi river trail is located in Semenyih, approximately 35km from KL city center.

It’s been a few months since I last visited, pleasantly surprised by some of the facility upgrades.

Kitty got Sheldon, an ex-polo for her ride.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Kitty

Warming up in the arena.

Faiz joined us in this ride with Sergio.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Faiz

Harith came along with us in an ATV watching our back.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Harith ATV

Continue trotting into the trail.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Hairi

Hairi led the way. We passed by some Durian trees.

After a good riding workout, we arrived at the signage of Sungai Batangsi.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - signage

We rode passed a row of shop lots that provide facilities for the nearby activities.

Kitty was leading Sheldon into the river bank.

View from the middle of the Batangsi river with crystal clear water.

My horse, Shubah, a KKA who really enjoys playing at the river.

Kitty’s played splashing water with Shubah.


Humans taking photo with Sheldon and Shubah.

Hairi and Sky, a very fun stallion were enjoying their time at the river.

Photo with Harith, a friendly horseman who took good care of our needs along the trail ride.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Daniel and Harith

Sheldon and Shubah, smile!

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Sheldon and Shubah

Group photo before heading back.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - trail ride

Tacking the horses to get ready going back.

Heading back passed by the shot lot row.

Shops and stalls along the way.

ATV for rental.

The view along our way back.

We also stopped by the take some photos at this spacious junction.

Daniel on Shubah. Kitty on Sheldon.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Daniel and Kitty

Thanks Harith, for the wonderful solo shots!

Heading back into Saville Equestrian Park.

Arriving at the stable at around 12:00 PM

Group photo before leaving the stable.

For Information for Batangsi Ride

The trail took us approximately 2.5 hour. We spent about 1 hour at the river and 1.5 hour riding. Definitely a fun and relaxing trail.

For more information, please contact Nyna at +60 19-755 3501 or visit their Facebook page.