Endurance Training 1

There is an endurance competition in TIEP (Terengganu International Endurance Park) happening on 7th-9th July 2017. I have a discussion with Abang Iskandar on joining the endurance competition for 40KM and he agreed to train me for that. This is my first time joining an endurance competition. How exciting!

I wanted to bring Jack up to TIEP for the competition. Unfortunately right before my training starts, Jack got into a fight with Shadow and had a few scratches on his legs and body. That makes Jack unfit for training, at least for the past 2 weeks.

As a replacement, Abang Iskandar suggested me to use Rainbow instead.

Heading out from the stable. Abang Iskandar and Opie are in front. Rainbow was throwing a bit of attitude right before hitting the track, hence I was falling behind.

Trotting out the track. I was heading front.

Further out into the trail.

It was always pleasant to have a chat with Abang Iskandar during the ride. He is always generous sharing his horsey experiences.

Continue trotting out…

We hit the tar road and continue trotting. We were trotting pass a mosque. It was early morning where the sun was rising behind the thick cloud.

Big piece of empty land along the tar road.

Long stretch of tar road for trotting. We definitely trotted for several KMs on the tar road.

This is almost the end of the tar road we trotted. Abang Iskandar was adjusting his saddle.

We passed by kampung houses in the Batu Arang. There are a lot of big beautifully constructed houses in the area.

After we completed the tar road section, we went back into kelapa sawit farm. This is a video where we rode few weeks back but it is on the same track. (Make sure you watch the video in HD)

On our way walking back. We wanted to cool down the horses to lower their heart rate. This is the same pace we are going to follow during our competition as a trial run. We wanted to check the horses heart rate when we got back.

I was discussing with Abang Iskandar why Arabian was being such a preferred breed while riders going for endurance competition.

On our way back, we passed by the big arena for conducting jumping class when it is ready. It’s a really huge arena.

To put the size into perspective… This is the arena compare to a human and horse size. Really looking forward to see it to be filled with students jumping inside.

Making a turn at the corner of the big arena to get back to stable.

Rainbow tend to raise his head when he gets thirsty. Hey… hold on, we are reaching stable soon!

Upon reaching stable, our groomer Faizal came helping me getting Rainbow.

Opie made it back to the stable right behind me.

Faizal untacking Rainbow.

I was removing saddle pad while Faizal removed the saddle.

Yours truly needed to drink after 2 hours ride.

On Sunday, we covered 24km according to Abang Iskandar. The day before (Saturday) I did 1 hour of flat work in the big arena with Hanna and Liliana. Surprisingly it wasn’t too tiring – at least my muscle didn’t ache too bad on Monday.

If you would like to ride in Batu Arang, please contact my favourite coach Abang Iskandar (011-21277822).