Horse Riding in Malaysia – Getting Started

Horse Riding in Malaysia - Daniel Foo

Hello rider! This is Daniel Foo, an equestrian enthusiast. This page shares information about Horse Riding in Malaysia.

If this is the first time you are looking up for information about horse riding in Malaysia, I’d like to welcome you to the exciting world of equestrian in Malaysia.

Horse Riding Schools in Malaysia

The first thing you need to look for is a horse riding school in Malaysia. A riding school is the place you will get proper training on how to ride a horse safely.

Since there are not many riding school in Malaysia, my suggestion is to find one nearest to you.

Of course, if there is any reason that you do not want to attend the one nearest to your home for other reasons (for example, if you only want to train with a specific coach), that’s totally fine too as long as you do not mind the traveling time.

I will not include too many details on lesson fees here as the lesson fees inflate over time.

Some schools charge based on packages along with a small membership fee, while some schools charge averagely around RM90 – RM110 per 45 min lesson.

Lesson fees will vary depending on your levels, packages and schools.

Some of the bigger riding schools in Malaysia are: Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club, Selangor Turf Club, Putrajaya Equestrian Park, etc but you have a lot of other options too if you want a less busy riding school.

So, head over to the Malaysia riding school page or make a Google search to find a riding school.

Horse Riding Equipments in Malaysia

As the up-front cost for the equipment can be a little overwhelming compared to other sports, I generally recommend new riders to only spend the minimum to get started.

It’s only when you know for sure to continue for longer term, you should then invest into better quality gears and some of the nice to have.


On your first day of attending your riding lesson, you will be able to loan one from the riding school. Perhaps, even for the following few lessons. Some schools might charge you a few Ringgit for each use, most will let you use for free.

If you think that horse riding is a sport for you after completing a few lessons, then you can consider to get a helmet for hygienic purposes. Consider allocating a budget of RM200-RM300 for a reasonably good entry level model.

Pro tips: The size of your helmet plays an important role. Make sure you get the right fit by trying out the sizes. You should always try on the helmet when you buy one to ensure it doesn't move around when you shake your head. Refer to the sizing guide from each brand if you are getting from online store. 


In the first 1-2 lesson you won’t be working with the reins too roughly, so it’s ok to ride with bare hands. Once you get into trotting on your own, getting a pair of entry level gloves will be good enough.

A pair of gloves will protect your fingers from too frictions with the reins. The reins might cause blisters if you get an active horse and you try to slow your horse down. Proper riding gloves also provide better gripe on the reins. So, highly advisable to get a pair.

Pro tips: It's much cheaper to buy the gloves online once you know your size. Personally, I do not buy an expensive pair anymore because they will still break at some point. A pair that costs around RM50 is good enough to use for 2 years, depending on how often you ride. When it breaks, simply throw it away and get a new pair. 

Riding Boots

Horse Riding in Malaysia - boots

In your first 10 lessons, you can probably get away with just wearing sport shoes. But soon you will realize it will be too much of hassle to clean your sport shoes after each lesson. Then, you know it’s time to get a pair of boots.

You can start by buying an affordable short rubber boots and pair it with half chap. That will get you going for your riding journey for a long time.

In my early days, I used to complete endurance competition with just short rubber boots and half chap so it’s totally fine with basic setup.

This is where things can get expensive if you get too fancy with your equipments too quickly.

I have seen friends who bought long boots for over RM1,000 and I also have friend who wears custom boots for over RM2,000.

Pro tips: You don't practically need a pair of expensive boots in the early days (at least the first one year or so). I'm still very much in love with my long rubber boots (that cost less than RM100) for almost all my rides. I just spray it with water after use and leave it in my car until the next ride. 

Half Chap

Half chap goes together with your short boots. It will protect your calf from stirrup. Get the affordable endurance type to begin with. Probably a little over RM100.

Half chap normally can last surprisingly long. The endurance type is easy to clean and dry, so it’s a good choice if you are just getting started.

Pro tips: Wear your breech along while picking one to ensure it fits tightly and comfortably. Avoid buying online if you are not sure of the size as the calf size might vary. 



Breeches is commonly called the riding pants. Similar to boots, you can get away with your first 8-10 lessons with a pair of jeans or long pants.

If you are interested in horse riding for longer term, get a pair for more comfortable riding experience. A good entry level pair will cost you around RM 200-RM300.

Pro tips: Get a dark color to save the hassle of cleaning the stain. 

Well, these are the basic to get you started.

If you want to go a little further, maybe you want get a whip too. There are short whip for jumping and long whip for dressage.

Usually your riding school will be able to provide one for you. You can get one for yourselves if you want to be a more little fancy.

If you go for trail ride when you are more comfortable with riding, you might also consider getting a camera (like a GoPro or other brands) that can mount on your helmet to record the fun moments.

Here are some shops that you can visit to get some gears.

Shops for Horse Riding in Malaysia

  • G05, Ground Floor, 50450, Plaza Ampang City, Jalan Ampang, Kampung Berembang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
  • 012-207 2990
  • Bukit Kiara Resort Bhd, Bukit Kiara Equestrian, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
  • 03-2096 1228
  • Royal Selangor Polo Club, c/o, No 1, Lorong Kelab Polo Di Raja, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur
  • 014-331 4900

I’m going to leave you here with this…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

– Ancient proverb

I hope I have provided you a little bit more information about horse riding in Malaysia to get you started.

I will see you in the arena soon!

Glenora Stables

Glenora Stables is located 28 KM away from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Glenora Stables is founded by Susan, who came to Sabah from the U.K. The stables were established 8 years ago to provide riding facilities in the Papar district.

Before arriving at the stables, you will see the following signage.

Glenora Stables - signage

Upon arriving, you will see the family’s residence on the right and the arena on the left.

Glenora Stables - house

A beautiful view of looking over the arena from the house.

Glenora Stables  - view from house

The row of stables on the left. The arena is in between the horses’ house and the human’s house.

Walking along the stables and you can see the pretty horses.

Say Hi to Gypsy and Valencia!

Glenora Stables - Gypsy & Valencia

Also Nimbus and Copper!

How can we miss out the cute little Hamish!

There are a few more horses at another row of stable.

The resting and social area for the staffs to chill out.

There is a smaller arena for HBA (horse back archery) activities behind the big arena.

Glenora Stables - horse back archery

A round pen for horses that need a little more discipline.

Glenora Stables - round pen

Claire, Susan’s daughter tacked Gypsy for our little friend to have joyride. Adjusting the stirrups.

Glenora Stables - joyride

Walking around the big arena for joyride.

Claire was kind enough to let me ride Gypsy in the arena. Such a lovely horse.

Before leaving, we also get to see the workers were preparing a few horses for the afternoon race.

Taking a shower before heading out.

Loading into the float.

The Sabah’s way of transporting horses.

Susan, who has been riding horses since she was 8 years old and have been in Sabah for the last 50 years.

Claire is an FEI Level 1 Coach.

Daniel (right) has a big smile on his face teaches archery and horseback archery in the riding school.

Glenora Stables - Daniel Foo, Susan, Claire, Daniel

For More Information on Glenora Stables

Glenora Stables is operated by Susan’s family and I definitely enjoyed spending my time with them.

Please check out the Facebook, Instagram or contact Claire at +60 19-870 0090 if you want to ride there.

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Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary is located in Desaru, Johor. The facility is in Tanjung Sedili owned by Dato Ashraf Bakar.

Murshidah and Zeal collaborated with the owner to jointly manage the stables that has 5 ex race horses that he re-homed.

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary stable

Empty spaces outside of the stable for grazing.

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary home

The concrete container for feeding is thoughtful and practical to keep the stables clean.

Hello neighbour!

The simple and well-equipped tack room for basic riding.

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary tack room

Tiger is allocated for me for the trail ride.

Tiger - Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

The trail lead, Fawad Ali used lead rope with a special tie to also serve as martingale to prevent Tiger’s head from pulling up too much.

Fawad led the trail with another horse, Beauty.

Steering Tiger with lead rope instead of normal rein.

There are plenty of straight and clear path along the trail.

The hill that we head to has a lot of greens to offer.

Posing with Tiger on the hill while Tiger getting a quick bite.

Daniel Foo - Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

We spent some time riding around the hill and enjoyed the wonderful scenery.

Tiger has a beautiful round neck when he is relaxing.

Turning back after we enjoyed a fair bit of cantering around the hill.

On our way back, we rode passed another farm.

Arriving back to the stable. Fawad untacked Beauty while the groomer, while Ishaq untacked Tiger for me.

Tiger was left outside for grazing after the trail ride.

Tiger has a special bonding with Murshidah. They are totally enjoying each other’s companion.

Murshidah - Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

A group photo of Tiger with Zeal & Murshidah’s family and Fawad.

Murshidah, Zeal, Daniel Foo - Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

More Information on Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary

Agrofarm Love & Respect Sanctuary social impact is to rehome ex race horses and give them a 2nd chance in life. The horses can be used for basic riding lessons, joyrides, trail ride and therapy. 

For more information, please contact Zeal at +60 17-618 8445 or Murshidah at +60 19-607 3155 to book your ride, or visit their Instagram.

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TNT Arabian Stable

TNT Arabian Stable is located in Dengkil, approximately 40KM from KL city center.

The stable is known for endurance rides in the southern part of Selangor.

The Arabian horses were almost done tacking when we arrived in the morning.

The tacking space next to the horses.

TNT Arabian Stable - tack area

Well-established stables where the horses live.

TNT Arabian Stable - stables

Posing in front of TNT Arabian Stable signage.

TNT Arabian Stable - Daniel, Ily, Aina

From left, Daniel on Tokyo, Ily on Osaka, Aina on Elsa.

On our way out to our morning trail ride.

Say Hi to Ily!

TNT Arabian Stable - Ily

Before entering to the palm oil estate. A short break making sure everyone is doing good with our horses.

Green views along the trail. Definitely very cooling for the eyes.

The riding buddies while taking a water break inside the palm oil estate. The Arabian horses are performing so well.

Big and clear track for a lot of cantering if you like riding fast. The Arabian horses offer such a soft cantering.

Some cantering videos on the clear tracks.

Enjoying another wonderful cantering stretch with the team.

We also spent a lot of time walking on our way back to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

TNT Arabian Stable - walking back

On our way back, we passed by KAET, another stable in the area.

TNT Arabian Stable - KAET

Coming back home.

TNT Arabian Stable - back home

The trail takes approximately 2 hours (with breaks for about 15-20 min in between) covering 16KM.

TNT Arabian Stable - trail record 16km

Interesting, TNT Arabian Stable shares the similar trail track with a few other stables such as Kasavilla Stable.

So, don’t be surprised if you bumped into other riding groups especially during the weekend.

A clear trail for a fun ride with Arabian horses that I will come back for another ride for sure!

For More Information on TNT Arabian Stable

For more information, please contact Ady at +60 12-345 6204 or Zaki at +60 11-6261 1551. The location is below:

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Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park

Batangsi river is one of the most fun and relaxing trail rides in Malaysia offered by Saville Equestrian Park. Batangsi river trail is located in Semenyih, approximately 35km from KL city center.

It’s been a few months since I last visited, pleasantly surprised by some of the facility upgrades.

Kitty got Sheldon, an ex-polo for her ride.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Kitty

Warming up in the arena.

Faiz joined us in this ride with Sergio.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Faiz

Harith came along with us in an ATV watching our back.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Harith ATV

Continue trotting into the trail.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Hairi

Hairi led the way. We passed by some Durian trees.

After a good riding workout, we arrived at the signage of Sungai Batangsi.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - signage

We rode passed a row of shop lots that provide facilities for the nearby activities.

Kitty was leading Sheldon into the river bank.

View from the middle of the Batangsi river with crystal clear water.

My horse, Shubah, a KKA who really enjoys playing at the river.

Kitty’s played splashing water with Shubah.


Humans taking photo with Sheldon and Shubah.

Hairi and Sky, a very fun stallion were enjoying their time at the river.

Photo with Harith, a friendly horseman who took good care of our needs along the trail ride.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Daniel and Harith

Sheldon and Shubah, smile!

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Sheldon and Shubah

Group photo before heading back.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - trail ride

Tacking the horses to get ready going back.

Heading back passed by the shot lot row.

Shops and stalls along the way.

ATV for rental.

The view along our way back.

We also stopped by the take some photos at this spacious junction.

Daniel on Shubah. Kitty on Sheldon.

Batangsi Trail Saville Equestrian Park - Daniel and Kitty

Thanks Harith, for the wonderful solo shots!

Heading back into Saville Equestrian Park.

Arriving at the stable at around 12:00 PM

Group photo before leaving the stable.

For Information for Batangsi Ride

The trail took us approximately 2.5 hour. We spent about 1 hour at the river and 1.5 hour riding. Definitely a fun and relaxing trail.

For more information, please contact Nyna at +60 19-755 3501 or visit their Facebook page.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club is one of the longest serving equestrian clubs in Malaysia.

It is strategically located in Cherating, Pahang.

Penn has always been a stable that I wanted to visit for years. It is well-known for the In-Land Highway track and the beach ride.

The entrance to the facilities. Once you make the right turn, continue driving further in until you see the orange buildings.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - signage

The signature mural painting for Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - arena

Spacious arena for training horses.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - stable

Further in, that’s where more rows of stable are for Penn horses.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - saw dust

The storage of saw dust for horses’ bedding.

Some horses are out for grazing in the round pen. Some horses are roaming around freely.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - horses are tacked

Our horses are out and tacked for the ride.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - daniel foo

Posing with Sakap, a very beautiful pure blood grey Arabian. Active yet well behaved with a comfortable light canter.

Heading out for the adventure!

We walked pass some trail which is a wonderful combination between beach ride and trail ride.

Clean beach for a very relaxing ride in the morning.

We did a lot of crossing between beach and trail. Definitely very fun!

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - trail ride

There were also a lot of uphill and downhill. Penn called this trail as roller coaster trail. Super fun.

I love this combination so much and I will for sure come back for more.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - beach

Of course, also not to forget some walking along the beach to enjoy the ocean breeze.

Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club - penn and daniel

Good job, Che Penn for offering such a wonderful riding experience for us.

Che Penn is one of the most respected figures in the Malaysia equestrian world especially in the endurance scene.

I admire Che Penn’s energy and passion for the sport.

More Information on Penn Endurance & Equestrian Club

For more information, please contact Che Penn +60 14-796 9739 or visit their Facebook page.

Check out other beach rides.

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team is conveniently located 7 KM away from Kuantan town in Pahang.

The team offers beach ride for the experienced riders and joyride by the beach for the beginners.

Riding lessons will be by appointment only depending on the availability of the instructor.

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team horses

Horses are prepared by the crew for beach ride.

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team cabin tack room

The cabin used as the tack room for all riding equipment.

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team stable

A row of stable by the beach. What a wonderful living environment the horses have!

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team - getting ready

Another horse is getting ready for riding.

A playful buddy in the house.

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team - stable interior

Interior of the stable. Well-ventilated for the horses to breathe the fresh ocean breeze.

The other side of the interior. Pretty thoughtful to have the mat in the middle to avoid slippery.

Beach Ride at Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team

After tacking the horses, we headed out to our beach ride.

Rahman is a nice horse that is fairly easy to handle. He could go fast or slow depending on how much the rider asks for.

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team - Iesman

Iesman and his partner came along to escort us.

Riding along the beach enjoying the ocean breeze in the evening.

Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team - carriage

There was a carriage passed by the same beach while we were riding.

Giving Hidayah a try while passing by a stream of water flowing back to the ocean.

Solo photos by the beach with beautiful horses offered by KSET.

It took us about 1.5 hour to return to the stable. Of course, you can also opt for a longer beach ride if you are up for a challenge.

More Information on KSET

For more information, please contact Iesman +60 13-333 5733 or Naim +60 17-987 6392 from Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team. Visit the Facebook page for more recent photos and videos.

I have definitely enjoyed my time in KSET with their prompt communication and great hospitality in taking care of our riding needs.

Note: Many know this stable by the former name of Kugie. It has been re-branded as KSET (Kembara Sunnah Equestrian Team) recently.

Check out other beach rides.

Kesuma Stable

Kesuma Stable is located in Semenyih, approximately 40 km away from KL city center.

Kesuma Stable banner

The stable was founded by Suhly and Ina, a lovely couple back in 2021.

They started off riding horses as personal hobby many years ago.

At the point of writing, the stable already has 6 beautiful horses, where 5 are mares and 1 is gelding.

As you enter the stable, you will see a big arena on your left.

Kesuma Stable arena

The arena is often use for horse back archery practice and also for basic riding lessons.

As you move in further, you will see the stables where the horses live.

Say Hello to Puteh, Shifa, Qaisara and Nina!

Kesuma Stable horses

Further in, you will see 2 more horses.

They are Rose (left), a mare used to live in MAEPS that has a private owner and Gunther (right), an ex-race gelding that is going through schooling again.

Puteh is one of my favorite horses in the stable with a little bit of naughty character but has shown a lot of improvement in the recent weeks.

Saddles hanging next to Puteh’s box.

There is a feed area where the food and utilities are. Pretty neat!

Kesuma Stable - feeding

There is a washing bay that can fit up to 2 horses at one go, with rubber mat to avoid being slippery.

Kesuma Stable - washing bay

The tack room for storing the gears for riding needs.

Kesuma Stable - tack room

The tack room also has fridge that keeps cold beverages for riders. Riders can purchase the drinks at an affordable price.

A simple and functional setup for washroom.

Kesuma Stable also offers trail ride. Suhly and Ina use the ATV for outride purposes.

Kesuma Stable - ATV

A few more shots around the arena.

When the horses are grazing in the arena.

More Information on Kesuma Stable

Kesuma Stable owner, Ina (left) and Suhly (right) in the house.

Kesuma Stable - Ina, Daniel, Suhly

I always find myself enjoying my time in Kesuma Stable either with their trail ride or simply riding in the arena.

Sometimes, the facility also runs a short 1-day tent pegging course by Coach Nasrul.

The stable is privately run and not doing too many public advertisement. Please contact Ina at +60 12-694 7408, or check out their TikTok.

Algontory Trail Ride

Since my last visit to Algontory Stable riding in the arena, Algontory trail ride is now open for public.

Algontory Trail Ride arena

We have a large group, total of 8 horses hacking out.

After a short briefing, we headed out with Afiq leading the way with his beautiful grey horse named Snow.

Algontory Trail Ride - Afik

We trotted along the village for about 1 km before entering the trail on the left.

Algontory Trail Ride into the trail

Off road – entered into the track.

The views between the ears in the track. Plenty of green and relaxing sceneries.

There are a fair bit of steep uphill cantering in this direction.

And you will get fairly nice view from the top.

We spent some time taking photos at the top of the hill.

The riding buddies for the day.

Everyone was taking a break. The Algontory crew members was thoughtful enough to bring some mineral water bottles for the riders to drink.

Posing for photos after tiring ride to the top of the hill.

Algontory Trail Ride - daniel foo

A video view from walking around the top with my horse, Alif.

It was approximately 12km to complete the Algontory trail ride.

In the last 2km, we cantered on the road circled around the village.

Algontory Trail Ride map

Another video in TikTok done for Algontory trail ride. Good job team for making the video post riding as memory.

Our riding group came back and gathered for our breakfast. A spacious environment for us to move around in front of the stables.

Algontory team is generous to prepare nasi lemak, sambal and fried chicken for us as breakfast after burning the calories.

We cover approximately 12km in one and a half hour.

Algontory trail ride offers a good challenge for the experienced riders. It’s been a while since I last had such an exciting ride with the team!

More information for Algontory trail ride

Please contact Umar at +60 17-620 0661 or visit their Facebook, TikTok, Instagram.

Algontory Stable

Algontory Stable is located in Jeram, approximately 1 hour away from KL city center.

It is a relatively new riding school so I went for a visit.

Algontory Stable - Horse Riding Malaysia

There is a big covered arena to cover and rain and sun.

Algontory Stable - front

Algontory Stable - covered arena

The grass are newly planted between the arena and the stable.

There are some ATVs for a different type of ride.

Algontory Stable - ATV

The entrance to the arena.

Algontory Stable - arena entrance

The main row of stable.

Algontory Stable - stable

The tack room.

Riding boots and helmet available for students.

Float for transporting horses with a big beautiful painting on it.

Algontory Stable - float

I booked for an arena ride for the day. I was given Alif, who has a really innocent looking face.

Adjusted my stirrups before mounting. Alif is such a good boy. He will stand still while I was working on the stirrups.

Stepping on the invisible stairs to mount from the ground.


Algontory Stable - Daniel Foo

Jac got Mona, a cute pony that has slow cantering.

We did an hour of flatwork in the arena with mixture of walk, sitting and rising trot, canter, 2 points and various flexing and bending for both directions with the horses.

Algontory Stable - Daniel and Jac
Jac on Mona, Daniel on Alif

Posing with Afik, the man running the stable and Mona. Afik is a very experienced horseman.

Algontory Stable - Daniel and Afik

Hanging the saddles at the side of arena after our training.

Alif having his early lunch after working for the morning shift.

Algontory Stable - Alif

White boards in the riding school showing the operating schedules and various riding packages.

It is a relatively new stable. Some of the facilities are still being built and refined.

I will definitely be looking forward to come back for a outride with the team.

More Information on Algontory Stable

Please visit Algontory Stable Facebook page or contact Umar at +60 17-620 0661 or Septian at +60 13-264 6001.

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Langkawi Horses

Perdana Stables has one of the largest riding facilities in northern Malaysia. The Langkawi horses are famous for horse shows and variety of riding activities for riders.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses entrance

The entrance of Perdana Stables for Langkawi horses.

Upon entering, you can see the arena on the left and stables are further inside.

The classical Langkawi Geopark sign that has been around for years.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - Geopark

The mounting area for riding the get on the horse.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses main stables

The main stables where it connects to the office.

Beautiful grey horse, Seven Wells Akira named after the tourist attraction nearby.

A big round pen for training.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - float

Float for transporting horses.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - saddles

Variety of unique saddles at display.

Short riding boots – probably can be loaned for ad-hoc riding sessions.

Medals and certificates own by Perdana Stables from competition locally and internationally.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - Tun Mahathir

Photos of Tun Mahathir when he was active in horse riding activities.

Looking out from the sitting area of the stables.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - main arena

A big arena for horse shows and riding activities.

Audience bench for enjoying the horse shows.

Hanging a few saddles on the side of arena.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - training equipments

Custom built training equipment without using a real horse for practice.

Looking into the arena from the audience bench.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses  - toilets

The toilets are at a separate building next to the main arena.

Jungle and Beach Ride

I booked a jungle and beach ride with Perdana Stables.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - jungle trail

Passing through lush of greenery while heading out.

Small stream along the way.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - mountain

Magnificent view between the mountain area connecting to the beach.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - berjaya resorts

We have arrived the beautiful sandy beach. Berjaya Resort is on the right side.

Walking on water with splash of the waves.

Stopped to pose at calming water.

We continued our trail to walk passed the trees next to the beach.

Walking slowly on a long stretch of tree next to the beach.

We went up to a small hill to see the additional man-made islands in Langkawi that made up the 101 instead of 99 islands.

Came down from the hill to enter back the beach.

Approaching the beach.

More stunning views along the beach.

Let’s get closer to the water.

The water is so calming.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - cantering on beach

It’s time for a bit of cantering.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - mountain view

Walking back while enjoying the mountain view.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - Langkawi Skybridge Cable Car

You can see the Langkawi Skybridge Cable Car in operation along the way back.

A short video to capture the jungle and beach ride.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - Pimienta

Pimienta, a lovely Anglo-Arabian that gave me a wonderful ride with soft cantering. Getting a shower after the morning working shift.

Perdana Stables - Langkawi Horses - Hamzah and Daniel Foo

I had the opportunity to chat with Hamzah, the founder of Perdana Stables and one of most respectable trainers in the Malaysia horse riding industry. No words can describe the contribution and dedication Hamzah put in the horse industry over the last few decades.

The Langkawi Horse Show originated by Hamzah and his team (the Hanssens’ family) is one of the most unique horse shows in Malaysia. You must check it out if you have the opportunity.

More information on Langkawi Horses

For more information, please visit the Langkawi Horses website or the Facebook page.

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