Roeckl Riding Glove

I bought my last pair of riding glove from Decathlon in 2016. It has been a reliable pair of glove for my ride for the last 1.5 year.

After my endurance competition in July 2017, it started to have some tiny holes and I have to eventually replace it with a new pair.

I got this new pair of gloves from the shop in Putrajaya, from Uncle Michael… No wait, he is now a Dato Michael.

As usual, he will let me play and try with as much as I want.

Finally I settle down with this pair…

A very solid pair of riding glove. Definitely thicker than my previous pair yet it is not too hot while wearing.

An extra padding above the little finger for additional grip for reign.

Yup, it is friendly on my touchscreen too!

The price is RM100. Usually if I ask for it, Uncle Michael will give a little discount. But I didn’t ask for it because Uncle Michael has been an awesome friend 🙂

Here you go… My new pair of riding glove for the next 1-2 year to come.

This is my 3rd pair of riding glove.

  • 1st pair I bought it in Plaza Ampang City for RM35,
  • 2nd pair from Dechalon for RM89,
  • 3rd pair from Uncle Michael for RM100

I’m pretty happy to have this new pair of glove as every time I replace a glove, it’s a sign that I’ve clocked much more hours on the saddle. Keep riding folks!

MM2020 Horse Adventure

MM2020 Horse Adventure is located in Putrajaya Equestrian Park. They have an active Facebook page, unfortunately they do not have a website. The following information is collected through my personal riding sessions with them in Putrajaya Equestrian Park.

This is a photo of the office. It is a little hard to notice if you do not intentionally look for it. Once you parked your car, walk through the entrance and turn left. You will find the office at the end of the walkway.

MM2020 Horse Adventure office entrance
MM2020 Horse Adventure office entrance

Upon reaching, you will likely find the friendly administrator, Athirah working at her desk:

Athirah @ MM2020 Horse Adventure office
Athirah @ MM2020 Horse Adventure office

I have been with another riding school prior to switching to MM2020 Horse Adventure. I have to give acknowledgement to Athirah that she has been pretty helpful and attentive to my needs. I’m happy to recommend anyone to ride with MM2020 Horse Adventure. I truly believe she has gone the extra miles to help me in many occasions. Thanks Athirah!

Athirah & Daniel - escorted hacking
A photo of Athirah and myself went out for escorted hacking accompanied by Wan

This is a trail ride video:

You can check out more of the videos here >> Canter in Putrajaya Equestrian Park (riding school)

Here is a beautiful photo of the facility:

MM2020 Horse Adventure - Putrajaya Equestrian Park
MM2020 Horse Adventure – Putrajaya Equestrian Park

You can book a session for your wedding photo shooting as well:

Wedding Photoshoot @ MM2020 Horse Adventure
Wedding Photoshoot @ MM2020 Horse Adventure

MM2020 Horse Adventure Activities and Lessons:

MM2020HorseAdventure Riding / Lessons Packages
MM2020 Horse Adventure Riding / Lessons Packages

If you are new to riding, you are recommended to sign up the Combo package to practice to be reasonably comfortable in riding different horses.

Another impressive service provided by MM2020 Horse Adventure is they provide helmet for student to use, at no cost. This is really thoughtful because most new riders have yet to decide whether riding is really the sport for them. Spending RM200-RM300 for a helmet to “try out” a sport is obviously a little high up front cost. The free helmet provided by MM2020 Horse Adventure is really handy for students’ first few sessions. If the students have decided to be more serious with horse riding, the student can buy a personal helmet at the shop next door.

Wan, the instructor @ MM2020 Horse Adventure
Wan, the instructor

MM2020HorseAdventure instructor, Wan. He is an experienced horse riding instructor. He has been riding horses since young age. I have met several instructors throughout my riding lessons. I believe instructors who have high expectation of you and are hard on you are good instructors. It really is for your own good. They will pinpoint the smallest mistakes you are making while riding, again and again, to ensure you have the right posture and right habit while riding. Wan is definitely one of such instructors. He is a tough coach during lessons but he is also a really nice guy when you chat with him privately. While Wan is away, other guys (Sam and Anil) working at the saddle can also coach and watch you riding at the paddock and polo field.

Here are some details about the facilities available in Putrajaya Equestrian Park.

Riding School Paddocks 

  1. 2 x Sand Paddock 20m x 60m
  2. 1 x Lunging Sand Paddock 15m in diameter

Practice/Grazing Paddocks

  1. 1 x Sand Paddock 40m x 60m
  2. 1 x Grass Paddock 40m x 90m

In other words, this venue is meant for serious business.

This is one of the paddocks available in Putrajaya Equestrian Park. Students learn to trot and canter within the compound during lessons. The lessons are done under instructor’s supervision. It is a good idea for student to practice in paddock to build up skill and confidence before heading to more challenging rides. In fact, the following paddock is the place where I spent a lot of my lesson sessions practicing trot and canter.

Putrajaya Equestrian Park Paddock
Putrajaya Equestrian Park Paddock

Last thought…

Don’t be surprise if you happen to meet Tun Mahathir in the facility because MM2020 Horse Adventure is founded by Tun Mahathir.

Dato Mukhriz, Tun Mahathir and SM Hashim on horses
From left: Dato Mukhriz, Tun Mahathir and SM Hashim on horses

I have yet to meet any of them personally in the facility. But I would imagine it will be totally awesome if I get to ride with them one day!

Rayo MM2020 Horse Adventure
Rayo saying goodbye!

Overall, It has been a pleasant experience to ride with MM2020 Horse Adventure. Most horses are easy to ride. The lesson fee is affordable and reasonable. The staffs are friendly. I’m happy to recommend anyone who want to try out horse riding to give them a visit. Oh… and don’t forget to try out the Joyride for RM10 if you are visiting for the first time. You get to ride on a horse walking around the stable for few minutes guided by the staff. The last I heard from Athirah they are moving to Paya Indah Wetlands, Dengkil. However, I have yet to get any notification they have moved. Until next time!

Hacking at Putrajaya Equestrian Park (outride)

Dengkil is sitting right next to Putrajaya Equestrian Park. If you request for an escorted hacking session, the following is the place you will be riding at.

On that day I went out with Wan (the instructor), Athirah (administrator for riding school) and her friend. I was about 10 minutes late but they were kind enough to wait for me.

In the following you can see we ride through some pretty breathe-taking views. We ride inside a palm oil field and we were also riding along a lake.

Canter in Putrajaya Equestrian Park (riding school)

This is a video of riding inside the riding school field. My instructor (Wan) get me to canter for a round in school before heading out to the park located next to the riding school. We used the sandy track to head out, which is a much smoother ride when horse canter on sandy track.

This is a video of us riding in the park next to Putrajaya Equestrian Park. The whole track is about 3KM (a rough estimation). It takes about 20-30 minutes if you canter all the way. It will be 40-50 minutes if you trot or walk occasionally. You can see from the following video, the track is pretty clear so it’s possible for you to canter all the way in the track. There will be some 90° degree sharp corner (like the one in the beginning of the video) so it might be a good idea to trot over instead of cantering.

There is a playground (accessible by public) right next to this park. The following is a video of us walking through the playground