Riding in MAEPS with long lost friends

GoPro mounted on Aina's helmet and video edited by Ili.

It has been 9 months since I met Amirul, Aina and the family in Paya Indah Wetlands. I did not get their contact and have never seen them since. It was a pleasant surprise to see you guys again last weekend!

It was pretty early in the morning (7.45 A.M.) when I got there. The arena was rather quiet.

We got our horses and started off by warming up the horses in the arena.

Wasted no time, we head out to our ride!

It was really shaky while taking a photo on the horse back.

Rusdi, our trail lead was leading the trail. We took a break half way in. (Well… Aina and Hanim were hiding behind the tree.)

It was my first time riding Magoo. Back in arena in the morning, Magoo was a little lazy boy. It took me a lot of energy to get him to trot and his trot was choppy. But once I got him warm up, he cantered like a champion in the trail. It fact, his trot was fast enough to overtake the other horses!

His trot got much more steady when we were in the trail. Most importantly I had a really good time with Magoo!

The trail took us about 1 hour. It was especially fun when we were cantering together in the small path. It was quite an amazing scene sitting on the horse to see each other cantering.

Back to stable, we could see many students were training in the arena.

Doing good riders!

If you are interested to ride in MAEPS, feel free to contact En. Faud (+60 19-277 0449​⁠​) to find out more.

Until next time!

Happy Birthday Suki

Is there a better way to celebrate your birthday than a good ride in the trail? Of course no!

We celebrated Suki’s birthday (29th March) in Batu Arang stable.


It was early morning and Suki was already all excited with her glittering cone hat.

Posing before heading out to our ride. Smile~~

Just like the rider who is a foodie, Jet munched grasses whenever he can.

Of course we have Hanna ridding on Love and Abang Is on the new member in the family, a pony who is really fast.

Upon crossing the barrier, Abang Is and I realize we lost Suki and Hanna in the trail. Ops… Apparently Suki dropped her glove and she went back to look for it. Good news is the birthday girl and Hanna came out after 15 minutes later with Abang Is.

Yes! Suki made it back for her birthday ride!

Hanna was really playful to decorate this little beauty when we were chilling in the stable.

It was a really fun time riding with Suki, Hanna and Abang Is to celebrate Suki’s birthday in Batu Arang. Happy Birthday Suki!