Iskandar Polo Club

Iskandar Polo Club is conveniently located 10km away from Ipoh town.

The club offers variety of riding activities such as joyride, riding lesson, polo lesson, riding in the field and photo shooting.

The road leading to the stable.

Iskandar Polo Club - entrance

Long row of stable facing the polo field.

Iskandar Polo Club - stable 1

From another angle.

Iskandar Polo Club - stable 2

More stables at the back.

Several paddocks for horses to roam and graze.

Iskandar Polo Club - paddock

A round pen facing the polo field.

Iskandar Polo Club - round pen

Rest area next to the paddock for chilling out.

Covered arena for riders’ training. No worries even if it rains.

Iskandar Polo Club - arena

A mounting block outside of the covered arena.

Iskandar Polo Club - mounting block

There is a cafe facing the polo field with great view to enjoy a polo game.

Iskandar Polo Club - cafe

The view from the cafe overseeing the big polo field.

Iskandar Polo Club - field

Wonderful lake and mountain view at the right side of polo field.

Beautiful view under the tree facing the lake. The popular spot for photo shooting.

View from the horse back with Esther and Jack.

I was riding Barita, a gentle polo horse that is easy to handle.

Iskandar Polo Club - barita

The riders group photo before getting on the polo field.

A photo with the stable team after our rides.

More Information Iskandar Polo Club

The riding facility offers beautiful nature and view.

Please contact Jackie (+60 10-537 6628) to make a booking or check out the Facebook or IG.

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