Putrajaya Equestrian Park with MM2020HorseAdventure

It has been more than 1 year since I last rode horses in Putrajaya Equestrian Park with MM2020HorseAdventure. I always like the horses there (a lot of polo horses) and track is fairly well maintained.

The beautiful horse statues were added since the last time I came visiting:

Jaclyn and I went for a ride last Friday morning and it was a really adventurous trip. This is the first time we went out without a guide. I became her partner in crime.

Before heading out, Jaclyn reminded me, it’s selfie time!

Athirah, the lovely facilitator for MM2020 was behind us. The horse being groomed was Sombra, Jaclyn’s favourite horse.

Heading Out to Trail

We took the standard route to reach to the lake. Boy it was so enjoyable to be slow cantering on an ex-polo horse. Felt like sitting on sofa with wind blowing on my face.

The head movement of Gatita was so soft that I worried I might hurt her while riding her. Such a lovely horse. I have to be really gentle on the rein.

Before you know it, Jaclyn reminded me again, do you know what time is it?


We got someone walking along the trail to take a photo for us.

Daniel on Gatita, Jaclyn on Sombra at lake side

We made a big circle along the lake. Jaclyn had a really good time galloping with Sombra and I had hard time catching up!

After we completed the loop, we realized it was still a little early so we decided to “explore” some new path lead by our first time leader.

At one point we were so far out we were going opposite direction of the stable, according to Google Map. This photo is taken at the junction we decided to turn back as we were too far out.

Overall we did approximately 19KM in 1:22 hour. That’s quite close to 1 loop of endurance competition on both timing and distance although the horses heart rate were definitely less than ideal.

Here is a summary of our ride.

Well, good news is we made it back safely from Holland although we were unsure half of the time when we were crossing junctions. Most of the time, it was the horses, Sombra in this ride that brought us back to stable. Thanks Sombra!

The trail riding fee is RM120. If you would like to make a visit there, feel free to contact Athirah at +60 14-518 9147​⁠​.

Here is the location to Putrajaya Equestrian Park with MM2020HorseAdventure

Vistapolo Equestrian

Vistapolo Equestrian is located in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, approximately 40km from KL city center.

I typically go for a trail ride on Sunday morning because the traffic is super clear. It took me less than 1 hour to arrive Vistapolo Equestrian from Kajang.

The Stable in Vistapolo Equestrian

The stable in Vistapolo Equestrian is surprisingly big. The stable operation is built on top of a big piece of land. There are enough boxes to home 40 horses, although currently they only have 18 horses in the stable for various activities.

Vistapolo Equestrian Stable
Vistapolo Equestrian Stable
Horses in Vistapolo Equestrian Stable

When I arrived, Fendi came to greet me and got me to wait for a while, while he prepares the horses.

Fendi preparing Ashante, a beautiful white horse although might get scared easily.


Another groomer was preparing my horse, Lym, a solid endurance horse which has completed 80KM.


Lym is one of the best horses I have ridden so far. He is super responsive to my signal. I didn’t even need to carry a whip  during the trail ride. One light touch on the leg will get him into trotting. Releasing the reins a little and few more kisses sound will get him into slow canter. From there, all I have to do is to hold him back from cantering too fast. Totally awesome horse!

Trail Ride

Here is a trail ride video with Fendi.

Another groomer, Doha followed us along on a bike. He asked for my phone to capture some really fantastic video and photos along our ride. Thanks Doha!

We head out to the trail passing a long stretch of tar road. Of course we try to walk on grass whenever possible.


The entrance of the trail.


We passed by a lake on our way in.


Fendi trotting in front and I followed closely behind.


We make an entry to the long stretch of red earth path.


I shifted gear into canter to overtake Fendi. Yeeeeeehar~


From there on, it is a fairly long stretch of path for me to canter on. If you are into cantering, this is the best place I have visited so far for cantering. I probably spent 10-15 minutes non stop cantering on this path.


We took a break to let the horses walk. In this stretch of the path, I have a good long chat with Fendi on endurance competition.


We move on to canter on the remaining path



At the end of this path we passed by RimBayu project by IJM.

RimBayu project by IJM
RimBayu project by IJM

After that we walked along a tar road to get back to stable




Back to Stable

We head back to stable in about 1 hour time.


Kak Nuri walking her horse.

Kak Nuri from Vistapolo Equestrian
Kak Nuri from Vistapolo Equestrian

The hospitality of Vistapolo Equestrian totally impressed me. The staffs even brought nasi lemak and drinks for the riders. This is the first stable I have encountered that serve refreshment. Although the refreshment doesn’t cost a lot of money, it’s the thought that counts!


Kak Nuri was cutting cake for me. Thanks Kak Nuri!


This stable really gives a sense of belonging with the warm hospitality.

The horses took a shower after the trail ride.


Further Details

These are the activities offered by Vistapolo Equestrian.

Vistapolo Equestrian activities
Source: http://www.vistaequestrian.com.my/packages.html

If you want to find out more about Vistapolo Equestrian, please contact Kak Zah (019-6627144) or Kak Nuri (019-2408184).

You can also check out Vistapolo Equestrian webpage here.

Here is the location if you are planning to go for a visit.

Until next time!