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Riding Lessons

For many Malaysians who live in city (like I am), it is not common to have horses as pet. Therefore most of us do not have experience in riding horses. It become really important to take up proper riding lessons before going for more advanced activities with horses.

Riding lessons in Malaysia are offered in packages. You will often see riding schools offer different riding packages with different pricing and different number of session. However, generally you will find the packages as following:

Beginner Level


Beginner Level package is usually short sessions from 20-30 minutes for each session. Reason why it is designed to be short session is to allow the student to get used to using specified part of their muscle to ride a horse. In Beginner Level, instructor will pay 1 to 1 attention to the student to ensure the student’s safety. The fee for this package range from RM350 to RM450. The number of session range from 5 sessions to 8 sessions – depending on package offered by different riding school. In this level, student will learn

  • the correct posture to sit on horse
  • different types of horse movements (walk, trot, canter)
  • different aids to communicate with horse (leg, hand, sound)
  • different terms for the gears on the horse (stirrup, rein, etc)

At the end of your Beginner Level, you should be able to comfortably ask your horse to move forward, bend left / right, and stop. If you are a quick learner, you will be able to trot comfortably as well.

Intermediate Level


Intermediate Level package is usually longer sessions around 45 minutes each session. In Intermediate Level, the instructor will pay 1 to 1 attention OR the instructor will coach a group of Intermediate Level student together. The fee for this package range from RM450 to RM500. The number of session range from 5 sessions to 8 sessions – depending on package offered by different riding school. In this level, student will practice

  • consistently displaying correct posture to ride on horses
  • riding on different horse movements (walk, trot, canter) and the transitions
  • riding horses using different aids to communicate with horse (leg, hand, sound, whip)

At the end of your Intermediate Level, you should be able to comfortably ride your posing trot and sitting trot. If you are a quick learner, you will be able to canter steadily on different horses. Some student might need to take up more than one Intermediate Level package to be more solid on the riding skills. A good benchmark is when the student can confidently and effortlessly trot and canter on different type of horses.


How to spot a good instructor? I have taken up lessons with couple of instructors, some are harsher, some are friendlier and some just don’t really care. For me, a good instructor is someone who gives me constant feedback by telling me what is my problem and how to fix it. A good instructor should also have strict standard on his students. In other words, do expect a good instructor to shout to you across the paddock “YOUR LEG IS TOO INSIDE!”, “LEAN BACK!”, “OPEN YOUR SHOULDER!”. It might get embarrassing at times but this is the cost to being a good rider.

Other matters…

The number of sessions in the packages offered by riding schools could be a little too short for someone totally new. Do not be discouraged that you have finished up all the session yet you are not good with riding. It takes at least 6 months (which is 20-30 sessions) for someone totally new to be fairly comfortable with riding different horses.

Should you ride the same horse all the time or should you ride different horses? Unless you own a horse yourself, generally it is a good idea to ride different horses to learn the different rhythm in horse movement. It help you to develop your adaptability to quickly adjust your tempo for different horses, so that you can ride on any horses in the future.

One thing to take note is while riding ex-racer (horses which are retired from racing). They are often being bought and retrained to be used in riding school. Please be careful while riding an ex-racer. Although they have been retrained, they could still get pretty excited while cantering. If you are new to cantering or you are learning to canter, it is best to avoid ex-racer.



  1. Nuraliyah Nuraliyah

    Terima kasih kerana memberi panduan yang sangatembantu ini untuk yang baru nak berkecimpung dalam kelas berkuda seperti saya.

  2. Cloe Cloe

    is it ok for riders to wear glasses when riding? I heard from my friends in Australia they wore it very often and even while jumping, just curious but they said its better if your frame is harder

    • I used to wear contact lens while riding when I first started because it was too bumpy – as I didn’t know how to sit properly in both my canter and trot. Nowadays I wear my glasses most of the time while ridin

  3. Lyn Lyn

    Thanks so much for the detailed informations. I learn horse riding when I was a kid and loved it…but had to stop after the polo club shut down. Now I’m searching elsewhere to learn how to ride again….do you have any riding school that you would recommend to me? One that has a coach is are strict enough to points out my faults and charge reasonably –I’m still a student. I feel all of them are quite reasonable with their prices but maybe as an experienced rider throughout Malaysia, you could give me some seasoned advice. Thank you.


    I would like to know any training center around Shah Alam, Subang / PJ ?
    Do you send students for tournments?
    How much is the fees?
    For age 15 yrs old

  5. sharon sharon

    Hi is there any riding schools near sungai long for 6 yrs old and 4yrs old?

  6. leewah leewah

    May I know any riding school nearby Penang. Thanks.

  7. Ashraf Ashraf

    Hye there,i stay in sg besi..i would like to hve your opinion to suggest for the best riding school+ the good instructor any where in kl/sgor…tq in advance

  8. Lana Helmy Lana Helmy

    Very useful article. Thank you for that. Which school would you recommend, for beginner 9 year old, in KL? Bukit Kiara is full and do not take any students. Thank you in advance)

  9. Ms Ho Ms Ho

    Hi, I’m new and I wan to bring my daughter (8yrs old) to learn together…is it possible?

    We are staying in PJ so where is the nearest school we can go, could you please advise?


    • Hi Ms. Ho, try MAEPS and Putrajaya. Alternately, try Lenggeng if you do not mind the travelling.

  10. Alvin Alvin

    Hi, I’m 24 and im interested in horse riding! Any recommendations in kl or nearby? I’m a beginner and looking for horse riding lessons!

    • If you are in KL city center, Gombak or Putrajaya will be pretty convenient for you.

  11. cindy cindy

    Hi, is there any courses to learn for horse riding? I’m actively looking for it. Right now im staying in Taman Desa. Thank you.

    • You mean online courses or a stable for you to start?

  12. Hi i would to ask, what is the min age of entering horse riding school?

    • Hi Syazana, a lot of riding school start accepting young rider at age of 10, but I also seen some started as early as 8 year old. Best is to check with the riding school you intent to visit. Have fun!

  13. Juju Juju

    Hi, I am moving to Malaysia for studies soon and I am already an equestrian. As an enthusiast, i can’t give up on the sport so I wanted to know what riding school is closest to Nilai? Thank you.

    • Hi Juju, you can try Putrajaya and Lenggeng. Have fun!

  14. beh pei choo beh pei choo

    hi, mr foo. what is the best age too start learn horse riding? my little is currently 4 now,.

    • Hi Pei Choo, a lot of riding school start accepting young rider at age of 10, but I also seen some started as early as 8 year old. Be safe!

  15. Ruby Haslin Ruby Haslin

    Hi! Do you have the contact number for the trainer in Lenggeng? Is the age of 43 is too old to start horse riding? I have a fear of height, is this going to affect my way of riding?
    Thanks in advance..

    • Hi Ruby, you can contact Aqil at 017-6200027. 43 is still young for you to do a lot of things (not just horse riding). Fear of height? There is only one way to find out 🙂 Go try it out! Have fun!

  16. Syahirah Azman Syahirah Azman

    Hi. I’m 19 years old and was wondering if it’s too late for me to learn horse polo.Also, which place provide horse polo academy. I have little bit of experience with horses so you can consider me as a beginner.Right now I’m taking riding school in putrajaya

    • Hi Syahirah, I’m sorry, I don’t know a lot about polo. The riding school in Putrajaya has the best chance of teaching you polo since they have a polo field there compared to a lot of other smaller stables.

  17. nabilah nabilah

    hello Daniel.i find your article is super useful!! im so interested in learning horse would you recommend me the best equestrian centre you think you have the best experience with?

    • Hi Nabilah, I’m glad that you find the article useful. Putrajaya Equestrian Park is pretty good. But I also recommend you considering a stable that is closer to home 😉

      • nabilah nabilah

        hey danial! thank you for your great suggestion.however i wanna ask your opinion about MM2020 horse adventure and your experience there.which one would you prefer?

  18. Raina Raina

    Is there any riding school for 5 year olds? Preferably closer to wangsa maju area

  19. Nina Nina

    Hi Daniel,

    I’ve been taking riding classes for a while now but always having problem in learning canter . This is because I felt uncomfortable doing sitting trot before the canter plus scared falling down the horse .

    Any tips for me? Feel very frustrated actually as i have taken beginner classes 3x now but still cant do canter. i even considering calling it quit caused horse riding lessons are not cheap but i love horse riding.

    Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.

    • Lee Jun Da Lee Jun Da

      Hey Nina,

      Just wondering which centre you are currently learning at?
      I would really love to learn how to ride a horse, but i am looking for the best alterntive

  20. Karine Karine

    Hi, any other riding school is good that you can recommend for those who stay in PJ?

  21. Aqilah Aqilah

    Which school would you recommend, for beginner 9 year old, in KL?

  22. Aqilah Aqilah

    Which school would you recommend, for beginner in Melaka?

  23. Hi..I stay in Bangsar KL and am 35yrw..have taken few not many classes earlier outside Malaysia…Can you recommend some place where i can get lessons for adults at a reasonable price please

  24. N N

    I started riding at 18 months. With the right support and a safe pony anything is possible!

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