Horse Riding in Malaysia – Getting Started

Horse Riding in Malaysia - Daniel Foo

Hello rider! This is Daniel Foo. This page shares information about Horse Riding in Malaysia.

If this is the first time you are searching for horse riding in Malaysia, I’d like to welcome you to the exciting world of equestrian by giving you a free book as a gift:

Click here to download the book: Horse Riding 101 – A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners by Daniel Foo (180 pages, 110 MB)

Click here to download training syllabus: Beginner – Horse Riding Syllabus (36 pages, 8 MB) if you want to learn horse riding.

9 thoughts on “Horse Riding in Malaysia – Getting Started”

  1. Hi, may i have to contact number for the person in charge foe the horse riding? 2 years ago i came to have the photo shooting section at the horse field but i lost the contact number. Please kindly email me. Thank you.

  2. Hi bro..when are you free please come and visit RAHMAN PUTRA EQUINE CENTRE (RPEC) in Sungai Buluh/ whatsapp Mr Denny for appointment..Hope to hear from you soon..


  3. Hi Daniel,

    I just come across your website and I think I could get a lot of info from here. Also, I am a new rider and I wish to know more. Can you please guide me more.

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