Canter in Putrajaya Equestrian Park (riding school)

This is a video of riding inside the riding school field. My instructor (Wan) get me to canter for a round in school before heading out to the park located next to the riding school. We used the sandy track to head out, which is a much smoother ride when horse canter on sandy track.

This is a video of us riding in the park next to Putrajaya Equestrian Park. The whole track is about 3KM (a rough estimation). It takes about 20-30 minutes if you canter all the way. It will be 40-50 minutes if you trot or walk occasionally. You can see from the following video, the track is pretty clear so it’s possible for you to canter all the way in the track. There will be some 90° degree sharp corner (like the one in the beginning of the video) so it might be a good idea to trot over instead of cantering.

There is a playground (accessible by public) right next to this park. The following is a video of us walking through the playground

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the informative article. I would like to try out horse riding first, before deciding to take up this hobby. Any recommendations which sch I should go? It seems upm is the nearest to me, but there are 3 equestrian there. Appreciate your advise. Tia.

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