Charity Horse Mask

Hi! My name is Daniel Foo, an equestrian enthusiast in Malaysia. Someone who loves riding horses and care a lot for horses.

Since the MCO started in March 2020, our usual riding routine is interrupted. Riding clubs were forced to stop operating temporarily to allow our beloved nation to recover from the wide-spread of Covid-19 virus.

Unfortunately, the recovery took longer than most of us expected.

This put a lot of pressure for riding clubs financial health. Before Covid-19 virus arrive, operating a riding clubs is hardly a lucrative business. The overhead to keep horses in good and healthy condition is high.

So high that you can easily see horses that are skinny (not enough food) and sometimes horses need to be put to sleep (operator can no longer afford to maintain old or sick horses).

How expensive is it? You may ask. Excluding the acquisition cost, the on-going maintenance cost calculation is still a little complex but I will try to break down the major expenses:

  • Boarding – the use of land and space for a horse to live
  • Food – hay and other grains (3 times a day and ever heard of eat like a horse?)
  • Vet treatment – once a year for younger horses and more frequent for older horses
  • Hooves trimming and shoes replacement – every 1 to 2 month
  • Staffing – the trained staff to take care, lunge and school the horses
  • Other ongoing use of equipments and medical supplies.

Now you can probably imagine the cost of taking care of horses is indeed high.

Before Covid-19, a lot of riding clubs were barely getting by. In the last 1 year during the various stages of lock down where riding activities cannot be conducted and the interest were much reduced, the riding clubs are in challenging financial situation.

Why do we care?

The financial health of a riding club will directly reflect on horses’ welfare.

To put simply put, if the club does not have enough money, the horses will not have enough food. Obviously, the horses will not be left to starve, but instead of usual time giving 3 scopes of food, it will reduce to 2 scopes to save cost. You get what I mean.

And that applies to EVERY aspects of horses’ welfare.

With that, Horse Riding Malaysia is on a CSR Mission. During this pandemic situation, we started a charity drive to sell face masks to encourage safe riding. We aim to support as many horses as possible through riding clubs.

100% of the profit generated from the sales of mask will be donated to riding clubs.

Why riding clubs? The riding clubs have the best team of equestrian expertise (knowledge and skillset) to support the needed horses.

Horse Riding Malaysia has introduced the following designs of face mask:

  • Lightweight – 3 layers yet they are thin enough to allow easy breathing.
  • Ergonomic – Good fit to face design fit comfortably to our face shape.
  • Washable – Suitable for riding activities and daily wear. Remember to wash it for good hygiene practices.
  • Charitable – all profit generated from the sales of masks will be channeled to riding clubs for horse welfare.

If you’d like to join me to support the charity drive for the welfare of the horses


  • 1 piece for RM43 (RM35 + delivery RM8)
  • 2 pieces for RM70 (free delivery)

Payment Details:

  • Bank: Maybank
  • Account Number: 311140285772
  • Account: FOO VOON DIH

Please send me the bank statement, phone number and delivery address to my personal Facebook account. I will send the face masks to you shortly.

Daniel Foo

P.S: Again, 100% profit generated from the sales will be channelled for horse welfare purpose. I thank all of you who support this project and your contribution in advanced.