Sabah Beach Riding

Glenora Stable in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah offers one of the most affordable beach riding in Malaysia.

As usual, the stable feels really peaceful. The arena is surrounded by lot of with greeneries.

Sabah Beach Riding - Glenora Stable

Susan helped tacking the horse, Ellie.

It’s so good to see Susan again that she is recovered and back to the stable.

Daniel (Glenora) led the trail with Challenger to head to the beach, Pantai Beringgis.

It’s a short walk from the stable to the beach for approximately 1.5km.

Sabah Beach Riding - Pantai Beringgis - Daniel

Slowly walking at the quiet beach in the morning.

Pantai Beringgis is surprisingly clean during my visit and I hope it will stay the same.

It feels really therapeutic to have a slow walk along the beach listening to the waves.

You can check out Beringgis Beach Resort if you want to stay near to the beach.

Sabah Beach Riding - Pantai Beringgis

That’s Daniel and Daniel (Glenora)’s shadow. The sun was getting brighter on our return.

Sabah Beach Riding - Pantai Beringgis

On our way back, we passed through a village area.

We could have done a bit of slow cantering but I always enjoy slow walking to connect with the horse.

Met Susan and Clare on our way back. They were taking the riding school students out for a bit of walk.

Glenora Stable signage before arriving at the stable.

Posing in front of the long row of stable with the iconic green roof.

Beautiful horses in the stable as always.

This is my second visit to Glenora Stable. I have always enjoy my time here with Susan, Claire and Daniel’s hospitality to make me feel like home.

More Information for Beach Riding in Sabah

Glenora Stables offers riding lessons and beach riding in Sabah. It’s approximately 28km (45 min drive) from Kota Kinabalu.


Please check out the FacebookInstagram or contact Claire at +60 19-870 0090 if you want to ride there.

Glenora Stables

Glenora Stables is located 28 KM away from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Glenora Stables is founded by Susan, who came to Sabah from the U.K. The stables were established 8 years ago to provide riding facilities in the Papar district.

Before arriving at the stables, you will see the following signage.

Glenora Stables - signage

Upon arriving, you will see the family’s residence on the right and the arena on the left.

Glenora Stables - house

A beautiful view of looking over the arena from the house.

Glenora Stables  - view from house

The row of stables on the left. The arena is in between the horses’ house and the human’s house.

Walking along the stables and you can see the pretty horses.

Say Hi to Gypsy and Valencia!

Glenora Stables - Gypsy & Valencia

Also Nimbus and Copper!

How can we miss out the cute little Hamish!

There are a few more horses at another row of stable.

The resting and social area for the staffs to chill out.

There is a smaller arena for HBA (horse back archery) activities behind the big arena.

Glenora Stables - horse back archery

A round pen for horses that need a little more discipline.

Glenora Stables - round pen

Claire, Susan’s daughter tacked Gypsy for our little friend to have joyride. Adjusting the stirrups.

Glenora Stables - joyride

Walking around the big arena for joyride.

Claire was kind enough to let me ride Gypsy in the arena. Such a lovely horse.

Before leaving, we also get to see the workers were preparing a few horses for the afternoon race.

Taking a shower before heading out.

Loading into the float.

The Sabah’s way of transporting horses.

Susan, who has been riding horses since she was 8 years old and have been in Sabah for the last 50 years.

Claire is an FEI Level 1 Coach.

Daniel (right) has a big smile on his face teaches archery and horseback archery in the riding school.

Glenora Stables - Daniel Foo, Susan, Claire, Daniel

For More Information on Glenora Stables

Glenora Stables is operated by Susan’s family and I definitely enjoyed spending my time with them.

Please check out the Facebook, Instagram or contact Claire at +60 19-870 0090 if you want to ride there.

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