Meadows Stable

Meadows Stable is located in Cameron Highlands, approximately 200km from KL.

It is a horse breeding farm that homes approximately 60 horses.

Meadows Stable offers outride in the highlands area where riders can experience riding under the cooling weather.

Upon arrival, you will get a ticket.

Meadows Stable - ticket

The main stable that houses a lot of the horses that we are about to ride.

Meadows Stable - main

There are also other rows of stable which are available for keeping more horses.

The stables has indoor and outdoor section to ensure the horses have enough space to move around.

What a good life the horses have in Meadows Stable!

Meadows Stable - big boxes

I took the time to roam around the facilities while the horses were being tacked.

Big grazing area for horses to munch grasses.

Meadows Stable - grazing area

Getting closer with the horses relaxing in the field.

Very quickly, the horses were ready and we headed out for our trail ride.

While circling up, here is the view looking down from the trail.

Riding further into the trail.

Meadows Stable - trail

Tira was riding next to me keeping me companied.

Meadows Stable - Tira

And took some scenic photos.

Of course, not forgetting my riding buddies, Jack and Esther.

A few solo shots at the hill while taking a break.

After a short break at the peak, we head back to the stable.

Group photo with Les after our trail ride.

Les gave us a tour around the facilities.

He introduced the history of the horses that he has. Great hospitality, thanks Les!

More Information on Meadows Stable

I definitely enjoyed my time riding in the mildly cool weather in Cameron Highlands.

Les is a seasoned horseman who has years of experiences breeding and breaking in horses. I learned a few things from him on training horses too.

For more information, please check out the IG. If you want to visit, please make sure you contact Tira at +60 13-514 2298 prior to make a booking.

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