Jumping Lesson 3

It was my 3rd jumping lesson with Aqil in AS Equestrian Center. It was a fun session together with Suki. Having a buddy certainly certainly gave us a bit of competitiveness in the game!

In the video @2.02, Suki’s horse, Nix got excited and started cantering. I got really worried for her. Luckily Suki is a solid rider and managed to calm Nix down in just a few seconds. I have a chat with her afterward to find out she released the reins a little too early hence the little drama.

At @2.14, I was attempting the second jump and Marco decided to move to the right to avoid the poll. It caught me by surprised and I felt off from Marco. The good news is, I manage to hold on to Marco’s neck and land on my foot, phew!

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