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Hello Horse Riders in Malaysia!

daniel-fooHi! My name is Daniel Foo, an equestrian enthusiast. This site provides practical tips for anyone in Malaysia who wishes to get started in horse riding for fun. If you are at the edge of deciding whether to take up horse riding as a new hobby, go for it! Winston Churchill said, no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. Have a good day!


  1. Tan Aik Chuen Tan Aik Chuen

    Hi, may i have to contact number for the person in charge foe the horse riding? 2 years ago i came to have the photo shooting section at the horse field but i lost the contact number. Please kindly email me. Thank you.

  2. shah shah

    Love this website. I got a lot of information. Keep writing interesting stories.

  3. Azhar Abdullah Azhar Abdullah

    Mr. Daniel Foo,

    How to go Batu arang stable? Any contact person no. ? Thank you.

    From Azhar Abdullah
    Email :
    H/P no. : 0123188966

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