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Hello Horse Riders in Malaysia!

daniel-fooHey riders! This is Daniel Foo, an equestrian enthusiast. My blog shares practical information about riding horses in Malaysia. If you are considering whether to take up horse riding as a sport, go for it. No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle!


  1. Tan Aik Chuen Tan Aik Chuen

    Hi, may i have to contact number for the person in charge foe the horse riding? 2 years ago i came to have the photo shooting section at the horse field but i lost the contact number. Please kindly email me. Thank you.

  2. shah shah

    Love this website. I got a lot of information. Keep writing interesting stories.

  3. Azhar Abdullah Azhar Abdullah

    Mr. Daniel Foo,

    How to go Batu arang stable? Any contact person no. ? Thank you.

    From Azhar Abdullah
    Email :
    H/P no. : 0123188966

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