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Horse Riding Malaysia Posts

Tequila town in Mexico arrived Tequila, Mexico!

Heading over to Tequila town from Guadalajara

Hello! Tequila factory!

There is a donkey in the house!

Few glasses of Tequila tasting before the ride.

Got my horse. Walking at the street.


Meet my riding buddy, Emilio!

And our guide in red.

Walking at the trail.

Guide is adjusting Emilio’s saddle.

Taking a break at half way.

Stopped a little longer to appreciate the view

Walking along the river.

Taking another break under bright early evening sun

After the ride, we head over for dinner.

Trying a traditional drink that is meant for throwing away all the bad luck.

And ended the day with really delicious seafood with chicken wrap.

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Bidaisari Stables

Bidaisari Stables is located in Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang. It is approximately 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

The stables is located next to Bidaisari Resort. They offer accommodation + riding activities packages. If you are coming from outstation and looking for a place to stay and ride, this will be the perfect choice. You can check out more of their packages in their Facebook page.

A big paddock is just right next to the stable. You can take riding lessons in the stable for RM100/lesson.

You can probably tell, the location of the stable is pretty scenic. It’s a chilling environment to have a relaxing ride.

Suki and I decided to go there for trail ride after watching the video posted in Horse Riding Malaysia group:

Bookings:Whatsapp 01132293111

Posted by Man Gee on Monday, August 7, 2017

I got Bella for my ride, a beautiful grey horse with soft canter.

We warmed up the horses in the paddock before heading out.

Look at the big smile on Suki’s face!

We met a new friend, Adam during our visit. Adam is a passionate young rider who was training for his up coming endurance competition. He usually trains in DARC.

Adam was on Zephyr, an Arabian during our trail ride.

We head out to the trail after our short warming up. Raju, the groomer came along with us on his trail bike to guide us along the trail.

Without delaying, we head out to the trail!

Suki was passing a stream, where her horse, Pampa really wanted to lay down to play water. Suki was quick enough to get Pampa to keep moving else she would have become a wet rider.

Of course we did not forget to stop to take some evidences we have been in such an awesome trail!

The trail was hit by heavy rain the night before. Some bamboo collapsed and blocked our way in. Suki and I got down from our horses to clear the path in order to proceed, while Adam was holding our horses.

My muddy boot as a result of clearing the bamboo on muddy ground.

The scene near the peak of the trail. Magnificent view indeed!

We came back from the trail in approximately 2.5 hour. It was a long track with a lot of uphill and downhill. It is a good place for riders to connect with the horses.

The stable also comes with a club house which is tastefully designed in horse theme.

Suki was playing with the dog in stable after coming back from our ride.

We also got to meet Yasman, who operates the stable. We had a good chat on the horses in the stable and what we can do in the club house. A super friendly and passionate horseman. It has been a pleasure meeting Yasman!

The stable offers riding lesson and packages as following if you are interested coming over for some actions:

Here is the location:

For more information, please contact Yasman at (+60 11-3229 3111) or visit El Campo at Bidaisari Janda Baik Facebook page.

Until next time!

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Gold Medal for Sultan Mizan in SEA Games 2017

Congratulations to Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin for winning Gold medal in SEA Games 2017 equestrian endurance competition!

Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin winning Gold medal in SEA Games 2017 equestrian endurance competition 80 KM

More than 20 riders earlier took part in the SEA Games endurance race that began in 3 AM of Sunday morning at the Terengganu International Endurance Park (TIEP) in Setiu.

Sultan Mizan is the first Sultan to have participated in SEA Games history.

Tuanku led the Malaysian team which comprised five other riders.

It was also the first time Sultan Mizan had won gold in 80 KM equestrian endurance at the SEA Games. Malaysia had previously bagged two gold at the 2013 Myanmar Games.

The riders had to go through an 80 KM track and the horses would have to undergo checks at designated locations to ensure their fitness.

The official result as follow:

Our Sultan ranks 4th in the world. His majesty has vast experience having competed in numerous international equestrian endurance events in the Middle East and Europe.

Our champion rider, credited team effort for Malaysia’s success in the following video:

Sultan Terengganu, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin memecah rekod Sukan Sea acara kuda lasak dengan mencipta rekod baru 3 jam 48 minit 38 saat mengatasi rekod Sukan Sea di Myanmar 2013, 6 jam 26 minit 4 saat dengan purata kelajuan 20.994km/j. Video: ARJASNEH AHMAD

Posted by BERNAMA on Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sultan Terengganu, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin created new record for SEA Games by completing the endurance in 3 hour 48 minute 38 second, with average speed of 21 km/h. Video by: ARJASNEH AHMAD – BERNAMA

In Sultan Mizan’s words

We worked in cohesion, moved together and our strategy worked. Although it was a long race, it did not seem boring or lethargic as we galloped energetically.

I would like to congratulate all and sundry, from the trainers, horse handlers, veterinarians, officials to the state government, for helping us achieve our target and working tirelessly for a successful race which went without any untoward incident.

~ Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, 20 August 2017

According to NST, the ruler also hoped Malaysia’s success would boost its chances to host the Asian Endurance Cup and the World Junior Endurance Championship next year.

On behalf of Malaysians and all horse riders in Malaysia, we sincerely appreciate your contribution to the equestrian field in Malaysia. You have inspired us so much and we look up to you to be a better riders. Thank you for making us proud, Sultan Mizan & team Malaysia!

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40 KM Endurance in TIEP by RTES

July 14-16 was the long awaited endurance competition I have been preparing for in Terengganu International Endurance Park, Lembah Bidong by Royal Terengganu Endurance Stable (RTES).

I have prepared specifically for this competition for more than a month with my coach, Abang Iskandar in Batu Arang. Here and here are some of my training footprints although I did train for average 3 times a week for a month.

We went up there on Wednesday night about 8.30 P.M.

A day before the vet check, Bang Is got me to practice trotting Jacq (the horse I was riding for competition) at the vet check zone.

Of course not forgetting to let Jacq familiarize with the area.

Vet Check Day

The actual day of vet check. Black vest is for 40 KM participant. Maroon vest is for 80 KM.

Lucky enough to get No.1 vest for my maiden competition

On the actual vet check day, the doctor on site was checking Jacq after trotting.

A lot of the horses got excited during vet check because there are a lot of horses gather.

Rider No.20 having a special hard time with his stallion (if not mistaken). Well, there were a lot of mares around including Jacq.

The surrounding of the site during vet check day.

The rest area where horses can cool down after each loop for competition.

On the same day we went for a briefing conducted in the open space next to office area.

We were given the following notes for the competition.

This map shows 40 KM participant need to follow Green arrow in 1st loop and Blue arrow on 2nd loop.

In the evening, I got my helmet taped with the head lamp in such artistic touch… Better be safe than be sorry!

After dinner to discuss the strategy on what is the pace to ride, we head back hostel for rest.

Competition Day

Ready to go Rider No.1!

My crew members (Riena and Wan) were helping me to do a final check and some gave me a few final reminders before heading off.

Warming up Jacq in the field.

Flag Off

Flag off was at 3.15 A.M. for 40 KM participants.

Here is a very clear video posted at the courtesy of Ramis Karymshakov, a visiting official from Kyrgyzstan. Please spot for Rider No.1 🙂

1st 20 KM Loop

I started off trotting for the first 5 KM until the 1st water point, as planned. Frankly the initial trotting 5 KM was the hardest part of the competition. It was early in the morning and doing active trot to warm up both the rider and the horse were pretty exhausting.

Water Point 1

At the first water point, I did not stop for rest, again as planned. I cantered into the direction of 2nd water point.

The stamina was much forgiving when I was cantering. Although I still have to ride in the darkness with my tiny head lamp, it was good enough for me to focus on the next 50 M and seeing the Green arrow sign ahead clearly.

Water Point 2

At the 2nd water point, Bang Is and Riena were waiting for me to cool down Jacq. I had a quick stop at 2nd water point and proceed cantering to 3rd water point.

After water point break and cool down Jacq, I could feel she was cantering much lighter than the previous round. I felt like cantering in the air. It was like yeeeehar~ moment.

Water Point 3

Cantering into 3rd water point, again Bang Is and Riena were waiting for me there to cool down Jacq and I got the chance to have drink. After a short break, I continue cantering back into flag off gate to complete the 1st loop.

In the last 1 KM before reaching the gate, I started walking Jacq to allow her heart rate to come down. In fact, the earlier 4 KM was a breeze too. I was wondering how did I got back to the gate so fast.

Once I came back, I checked my time, it was 4:43 A.M. (We started off at 3.15 A.M.). The 1st 20 KM loop took me approximately 1 hour 30 minutes – as planned. My departure time for next loop is +40 minutes which made it to be 5.32 A.M.

1st Loop Vet Check

Jacq’s heart rate came down in 9:30 minutes. We proceed to vet check once her HR was about 56.

Abang Is helped me with bringing Jacq for vet check while I can take a rest myself for the next and final loop.

Everyone (including Jacq) were resting in our tent. We fed Jacq with sufficient food and drink before the next loop begin.

Not forgetting the rider was pretty exhausted after 20 KM ride.

After resting a bit more and it was about 5.20 A.M. we started preparing the horse for the next loop.

2nd 20 KM Loop

My take off time was set to be 5.32 A.M. Wasted no time, I got myself ready prior to that and head to the gate right at the dot.

At the point of taking off Abang Is already asked for me that I was at place No. 5.

I cantered my way to the 1st water point in the Blue route. Abang Iskandar and Riena did not wait for me there.

Water Point 1

Jacq did not want to drink water at 1st water point. I believe I made a mistake there when I cantered all my way to the water point. According to Abang Iskandar, I should be slowing down Jacq in about 200 m prior to the water point so that when we got there Jacq would be relax enough to want to drink.

Moving forward, I cantered a little faster in the next 5 KM heading to 2nd water point. At this point I was able to over take a few riders ahead of me and placed at No.2. I was excited that I was going to get at least top 3.

Water Point 2

Unfortunately upon reaching water point 2, Jacq heart beat got super fast and it didn’t seem like I could continue fast cantering as I earlier did. Not even to proceed the route before her heart rate slow down.

We took a lot of time to cool down Jacq and let her rest.

The riders that I overtook earlier has arrived to water point 2 and continued to water point 3 while Jacq was still resting in water point 2. Ouch…

We knew that Jacq is not going to make it to vet check if we were to force her with the fast pace. So while moving to water point 3, I was only doing slow canter.

Water Point 3

The good news is at water point 3, Jacq heart beat appeared to be better than when she was in water point 2. While the bad news is, I did not manage to overtake any of the riders went ahead of me while I was resting in water point 2.

At water point 3, Abang Iskandar and Riena updated me with their plan. After leaving water point 3, I should walk for 1 KM, canter for 3 KM and then finally walk for 1 KM before arriving to the gate.

I continued as planned and arrived to gate at 6.52 A.M. In other words, it took me 1 hour 20 minute to complete the 2nd loop. This is way beyond the planned time which was 1 hour sharp.

Jacq took 8:22 min to cool down before heading for vet check.

Here is the health report card for Jacq after completing 40 KM.

The game was over. But we didn’t know our placing until later on the official result came out.

We head for breakfast and only came back collecting the result at approximately 11 A.M.

I was placed at No.5 out of 19 riders. Not too bad for maiden ride. Feeling highly grateful that I got No.5 while some riders were not able to complete the competition.

The rest of the results.

On the next day, I managed to meet up with some riders in the stable.

Selfie with Leong, who was another rider during the 40 KM competition.


In summary, it was an amazing riding experience during the endurance competition. I couldn’t have done it without the help my coach Abang Is, and the crew, Riena who updated me with the plan along the way and get me on almost every water point. Terima kasih Abang Is, Riena!

Also not forgetting Jacq who has gave her very best to go through the journey with me. Thanks Jacq!

In total, it costed slightly below RM3,000 for the entire game. The breakdown as follows:

  • RM2,500 – horse rental and training
  • RM200 – registration
  • RM200 – hiring crew members at RM100 each member
  • RM50 – vest deposit (which unfortunately I lost it)

It has been a long journey since I first started riding in Putrajaya about 2 years back. I could still vividly remember how awkwardly I did my rising trot. I’m grateful for all the people and horses who taught me how to be a better rider.

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.

– Robin Williams

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Putrajaya Equestrian Park with MM2020HorseAdventure

It has been more than 1 year since I last rode horses in Putrajaya Equestrian Park with MM2020HorseAdventure. I always like the horses there (a lot of polo horses) and track is fairly well maintained.

The beautiful horse statues were added since the last time I came visiting:

Jaclyn and I went for a ride last Friday morning and it was a really adventurous trip. This is the first time we went out without a guide. I became her partner in crime.

Before heading out, Jaclyn reminded me, it’s selfie time!

Athirah, the lovely facilitator for MM2020 was behind us. The horse being groomed was Sombra, Jaclyn’s favourite horse.

Heading Out to Trail

We took the standard route to reach to the lake. Boy it was so enjoyable to be slow cantering on an ex-polo horse. Felt like sitting on sofa with wind blowing on my face.

The head movement of Gatita was so soft that I worried I might hurt her while riding her. Such a lovely horse. I have to be really gentle on the rein.

Before you know it, Jaclyn reminded me again, do you know what time is it?


We got someone walking along the trail to take a photo for us.

Daniel on Gatita, Jaclyn on Sombra at lake side

We made a big circle along the lake. Jaclyn had a really good time galloping with Sombra and I had hard time catching up!

After we completed the loop, we realized it was still a little early so we decided to “explore” some new path lead by our first time leader.

At one point we were so far out we were going opposite direction of the stable, according to Google Map. This photo is taken at the junction we decided to turn back as we were too far out.

Overall we did approximately 19KM in 1:22 hour. That’s quite close to 1 loop of endurance competition on both timing and distance although the horses heart rate were definitely less than ideal.

Here is a summary of our ride.

Well, good news is we made it back safely from Holland although we were unsure half of the time when we were crossing junctions. Most of the time, it was the horses, Sombra in this ride that brought us back to stable. Thanks Sombra!

The trail riding fee is RM120. If you would like to make a visit there, feel free to contact Athirah at +60 14-518 9147​⁠​.

Here is the location to Putrajaya Equestrian Park with MM2020HorseAdventure

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Endurance Training 2

Endurance training continues in Batu Arang for 2-3 sessions a week. Last Thursday Jaclyn Seng and Suki Low joined me for a ride. This was the week right after Hari Raya.

As usual, Abang Iskandar came to town to pick us up with his pick up truck. This is the clearest shot I have. You can probably tell how shaky it was in the truck while going up the stable.

It was 7-ish A.M. when we arrived the stable. Looks like Abang Suhairi (on Mizumo) and Sara (on Danit) were even earlier than us!

Abang Suhairi always has a big wide smile on his face. It was his first ride after the month of Ramadan and Hari Raya… to trot off all the delicious lemang, rendang and ketupat obviously.

Sara just done flatworking Danit. I took the chance to play with Danit for a little while.

And thanks Sara for the portrait shot with perfect filter!

Shortly after, we head off to the trail. Here is a video of our trail ride.

And here are some more photos that are not included in the video.

Wefie of the Raya riders! Yeeeeehar!

When we were exiting palm oil farm.

A photo from my helmet camera.

On our way back. The sun is much brighter but cloud also gathered in the sky. Jaclyn has the fully matching attire, including her whip.

The background made Jaclyn look like she was filming ancient Korean drama on a horse.

On our way back, Suki’s horse (Joker) right shoe came off. Abang Is exchanged horse with Suki. So Suki was riding Shadow on the way back and it was really cute to see Suki bouncing on the little pony.

Abang Is shared a trick with me that if a shoe came off, we should either walk or canter. When we canter, we should canter on the lead where the shoe is still on.

More photos on the top of the hill…

Everyone with their signature pose!

On our way walking back to stable.

Jaclyn looked like having a really good time with Love while Suki has been “bouncing” all her way back 😀

When we got back to stable, Abang Iskandar wasted no time and brought out Jack for jumping practice.

How well can Jack jumps? A photo speaks a thousand words.

The little fans who has been admiring at the side just now decided to give it a try to jump herself!

Looking good jumper!

Great job! Keep going!

Go Jaclyn, go!

The face Jaclyn made after a really awkward jump.

Jacklyn getting a bit more coaching from Abang Iskandar.

Satisfied with her virgin jump. Finally getting off Jack.

It’s now Suki’s turn to jump with Jack.

Woop! Looking good Suki!

Since it was the week right after Raya, everyone was still in Raya mode. Abang Is prepared Teh-O with Raya cookies for us in the stable. Yummie!

It was a fun time training with Suki and Jaclyn. We covered 15KM which was a really comfortable yet satisfying distance for an outride.

Looking forward to ride with you both again, until next time~

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Endurance Training 1

There is an endurance competition in TIEP (Terengganu International Endurance Park) happening on 7th-9th July 2017. I have a discussion with Abang Iskandar on joining the endurance competition for 40KM and he agreed to train me for that. This is my first time joining an endurance competition. How exciting!

I wanted to bring Jack up to TIEP for the competition. Unfortunately right before my training starts, Jack got into a fight with Shadow and had a few scratches on his legs and body. That makes Jack unfit for training, at least for the past 2 weeks.

As a replacement, Abang Iskandar suggested me to use Rainbow instead.

Heading out from the stable. Abang Iskandar and Opie are in front. Rainbow was throwing a bit of attitude right before hitting the track, hence I was falling behind.

Trotting out the track. I was heading front.

Further out into the trail.

It was always pleasant to have a chat with Abang Iskandar during the ride. He is always generous sharing his horsey experiences.

Continue trotting out…

We hit the tar road and continue trotting. We were trotting pass a mosque. It was early morning where the sun was rising behind the thick cloud.

Big piece of empty land along the tar road.

Long stretch of tar road for trotting. We definitely trotted for several KMs on the tar road.

This is almost the end of the tar road we trotted. Abang Iskandar was adjusting his saddle.

We passed by kampung houses in the Batu Arang. There are a lot of big beautifully constructed houses in the area.

After we completed the tar road section, we went back into kelapa sawit farm. This is a video where we rode few weeks back but it is on the same track. (Make sure you watch the video in HD)

On our way walking back. We wanted to cool down the horses to lower their heart rate. This is the same pace we are going to follow during our competition as a trial run. We wanted to check the horses heart rate when we got back.

I was discussing with Abang Iskandar why Arabian was being such a preferred breed while riders going for endurance competition.

On our way back, we passed by the big arena for conducting jumping class when it is ready. It’s a really huge arena.

To put the size into perspective… This is the arena compare to a human and horse size. Really looking forward to see it to be filled with students jumping inside.

Making a turn at the corner of the big arena to get back to stable.

Rainbow tend to raise his head when he gets thirsty. Hey… hold on, we are reaching stable soon!

Upon reaching stable, our groomer Faizal came helping me getting Rainbow.

Opie made it back to the stable right behind me.

Faizal untacking Rainbow.

I was removing saddle pad while Faizal removed the saddle.

Yours truly needed to drink after 2 hours ride.

On Sunday, we covered 24km according to Abang Iskandar. The day before (Saturday) I did 1 hour of flat work in the big arena with Hanna and Liliana. Surprisingly it wasn’t too tiring – at least my muscle didn’t ache too bad on Monday.

If you would like to ride in Batu Arang, please contact my favourite coach Abang Iskandar (011-21277822).

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Riding in MAEPS with long lost friends

GoPro mounted on Aina's helmet and video edited by Ili.

It has been 9 months since I met Amirul, Aina and the family in Paya Indah Wetlands. I did not get their contact and have never seen them since. It was a pleasant surprise to see you guys again last weekend!

It was pretty early in the morning (7.45 A.M.) when I got there. The arena was rather quiet.

We got our horses and started off by warming up the horses in the arena.

Wasted no time, we head out to our ride!

It was really shaky while taking a photo on the horse back.

Rusdi, our trail lead was leading the trail. We took a break half way in. (Well… Aina and Hanim were hiding behind the tree.)

It was my first time riding Magoo. Back in arena in the morning, Magoo was a little lazy boy. It took me a lot of energy to get him to trot and his trot was choppy. But once I got him warm up, he cantered like a champion in the trail. It fact, his trot was fast enough to overtake the other horses!

His trot got much more steady when we were in the trail. Most importantly I had a really good time with Magoo!

The trail took us about 1 hour. It was especially fun when we were cantering together in the small path. It was quite an amazing scene sitting on the horse to see each other cantering.

Back to stable, we could see many students were training in the arena.

Doing good riders!

If you are interested to ride in MAEPS, feel free to contact En. Faud (+60 19-277 0449​⁠​) to find out more.

Until next time!


Happy Birthday Suki

Is there a better way to celebrate your birthday than a good ride in the trail? Of course no!

We celebrated Suki’s birthday (29th March) in Batu Arang stable.

It was early morning and Suki was already all excited with her glittering cone hat.

Posing before heading out to our ride. Smile~~

Just like the rider who is a foodie, Jet munched grasses whenever he can.

Of course we have Hanna ridding on Love and Abang Is on the new member in the family, a pony who is really fast.

Upon crossing the barrier, Abang Is and I realize we lost Suki and Hanna in the trail. Ops… Apparently Suki dropped her glove and she went back to look for it. Good news is the birthday girl and Hanna came out after 15 minutes later with Abang Is.

Yes! Suki made it back for her birthday ride!

Hanna was really playful to decorate this little beauty when we were chilling in the stable.

It was a really fun time riding with Suki, Hanna and Abang Is to celebrate Suki’s birthday in Batu Arang. Happy Birthday Suki!

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Batu Arang

Batu Arang is located approximately 50KM away from KL city center. It was a coal mining town and its prime time was during 1930s. By the 1930s, the developing town had an airstrip, a railway line, Gurkha’s police base, police station and a brick factory. There were also houses for the miners, British officers and bungalows for the mine managers.

Today, Batu Arang is a famous spot for cyclist for off-road biking during the weekend. The roti bakar in front of Batu Arang Police Station is a must try.

That’s not all… The most exciting part is a new horse stable is open for operation in Batu Arang!

The stable is not made known to public yet. It was through the invitation of Abang Iskandar whom I met in ESAR Bukit Beruntung that I got to know about this trail. I have a ride with Abang Iskandar and his son, Opie few months back in ESAR. Abang Is highly recommended me to go to Batu Arang for a ride.

Long story short, I went to Batu Arang with Suki on last Sunday morning. There is no direct access to the stable yet. We met up with Abang Iskandar in front of Batu Arang Police Station at 8.00AM so that he could pick us up with his 4-wheel drive to bring us to his stable.

We have Roti Bakar for breakfast in the shop Batu Arang Police Station.

After breakfast, Abang Is diving his 4-wheel to bring us to his stable.

On our way in

The happy faces in the car. Smile 😀

Almost there!

The stable has an unfinished arena at the point of writing this. But I’m sure Abang Is will get it ready by the time I come back on next visit.

The arena no doubt is surrounded by breath-taking view!

The horses in the stable

The beautiful girls spotted around stable!

My horse for the day, Love is geared up ready for action

Group photo before heading out

batu arang horse riding

Let’s head out to our ride!

It was raining!

At the top of the hill.

After our ride, we went to the same place we have breakfast. We have satay kambing, satay ayam and mee goreng this time!

If you would like to visit Batu Arang for a ride, please contact Abang Iskandar at 011-21277822. Here is the place I would normally wait for Abang Iskandar for him to pick me up:

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